CLA: Philosophy Camp

May 22, 2005

Rebel Hens

Shalom Hill Farm keeps chickens for eggs. They have a pretty good life. They roam free all day catching bugs and, sometimes, each other. They get cooped up at night, though, so they will lay eggs in their assigned nests where they can be predictably collected, so every day will not be an Easter egg hunt. Except for two hens. These two disdain being cooped up at night. As dusk falls they arrange to be absent for cooping exercises. They sleep erratically in one or another of the outlying barns. They make their own nests, and lay their eggs in them, and hatch the eggs in the natural hen way. Right now during the day the rebel hens join the roaming free activities of the conformist hens, but with this difference: two tiny chicks accompanies each rebel hen. Conformist hensí eggs nourish Philosophy Campers. But watching those little chicks! It is good to know you are in a place that makes room for rebel hens. -- John Wallace

Posted by walla003 at May 22, 2005 6:18 PM