CLA: Philosophy Camp

May 19, 2007


Today I arrived at Philosophy Camp. I helped pack things, then wondered around a little looking for ways to be helpful, then quickly fell asleep- a symptom of late-night/early morning packing. John woke me up for dinner- a simple affair compared to what it will be when more people are here. So far it is only John, Lynn, Joanne, Kristen, and myself.

It's pretty strange to be here again. Immediately after arriving I realized that I had been certain that this place would exist for me only in memory. Now I'm here and SHF has been torn out of my past and thrown into my immediate future. The interlude before students arrive is particularly unnerving: empty, the building feels foreign. I had expected all of this time to be frantic preparation for camp, but the others are surprisingly leisurely.

Fortunately my anxiety seems to be gone. Is it the prairie that's so relaxing? Seeing Lynn and John settle into their element? Leaving so many worries in Minneapolis- that might be it, since my pulse jumped when I thought over the things I should have finished before I left. Regardless, the anxiety is gone. Now I am excited, deep inside, and calm.

Kristen's made Pudding!


Posted by poth0018 at May 19, 2007 8:33 PM