CLA: Philosophy Camp

May 22, 2007

The Students Arrive

Spent a lot of time ironing out networking today. Most of the road blocks turned out to be pretty physical problems, with solutions like unplugging and replugging the router, remembering to push the power button on the external hard drive. Now everything is working to every computer, and the wireless network should reach almost everywhere in the building. And I can print from my Ubuntu laptop over the wireless. (haven't figured out accessing the shared drive yet.)

I sort of felt guilty because I got to play with computers and avoid most of the work, but I keep telling myself that everyone else thinks I am doing work.

The students arrived in pairs between noon and one, and things went very smoothly considering how little we discussed how to greet them. I'm trying not to start too many sentences with "last year...". I already like a lot of the people here.

It looks like I'm getting to bed around one tonight. That's pretty good for me. I was up after most people had gone to bed in the studio with Ben and Sondra. I like those times, each working on different projects, and too involved or wound up to leave.


Posted by poth0018 at May 22, 2007 12:38 AM