CLA: Philosophy Camp

May 31, 2007

Just a day

Last night was the first night I've failed to blog. I'd just been up far too late to write anything.

Today started off a little alarmest, but everything chilled down once we got to talking with the students. We had a nice easy learning circle after a community meeting. Lynn had been worried that we wouldn't have enough food for lunch, but Sondra, confident in her team's abilities, quelled all fears, and today's lunch turned out to be a great one.

I don't feel like I accomplished much today. I did have a wonderful three-hour nap. I also learned a lot of sewing machine basics from Sandra, and cut my hair (Kristen trimmed up the back afterwards for me). There was a nice, spontaneous assembly of people in the kitchen- singing and conversation (now that I think about it, people were attracted in by Sondra and Nathan's cookies).

In-all, a nice, low key day for me, despite some hard anxiety at the very start.


Posted by poth0018 at May 31, 2007 12:42 AM