CLA: Philosophy Camp

November 25, 2006

Questions We Pondered

As I begin to prepare for Philosophy Camp 2007, I came across a list of questions that emerged one by one on a large sheet of paper taped to the door of our design studio. These were the deep questions on the minds of last year's Philosophy Camp participants. I didn't hear them discussed directly, but felt them being held and tested in our hearts as we rode out the ups and downs of daily life in our living-learning community.

1. Are humans basically good?
2. What is community?
3. How can we live together with different ideas of what is right?
4. What is love?
5. How does democracy work?
6. Is talent inherent or learned?
7. What is hate? Why?
8. Religion and public schooling – are they really separate?? Should they be?
9. Why do people follow rules?
10. Are leaders born or made, created or taught?

If these are the kinds of questions that you hold onto, maybe you would like to be a Philosophy Camper in 2007!

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