14 killed during a shooting at a soccer field in Honduras

Gunmen killed 14 people at a soccer field in northern Honduras, police said.

Ten people were killed at the scene and four more died while being transported to a hospital, a police spokesman said, CNN reported.

Gunmen in two vehicles stopped by the field and started shooting at people getting ready for a soccer game in San Pedro Sula. Authorities are not sure what instigated the gunfire, but the city, 100 miles north of the capital Tegucigalpa, houses competing drug gangs, the New York Times reported.

This area of Honduras has seen a lot of drug-related violence in recent years and has a prominent cocaine industry, SoccerLens reported.

"We're investigating to see what sort of organization could be behind this," Juan Lopez, a police spokesman in San Pedro Sula said, CNN reported. "The most likely (scenario) is that the attack was directed at one or some of the men on the field and that the others were caught in the crossfire."

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