Rescuers in Chile have drilled to the chamber where 33 miners have been trapped since August

Rescuers in Chile successfully drilled through more than 2000 feet of rock early Saturday morning to the workshop chamber where 33 miners have been trapped since August 5.

According to The New York Times, steel pipes will be put in to reinforce the edges of the hole where the miners will be pulled to the surface after being underground for 66 days.

The miners are expected to be rescued from the mine by Wednesday at the earliest, Mining Minister Laurence Golborne said Sunday, CNN reported.

"They continue to have an admirable attitude," Health Minister Jaime Manalich said. He said that the miners seem to be in very good health and maintained high morale despite their circumstances, CNN reported.

After the pipes are installed, miners will be taken out one at a time in a capsule that is about 21 inches wide, The New York Times reported.

Once the miners emerge they will receive two hours of health checks at a field hospital constructed near the mine and will then receive treatment in a Copiapo hospital, CNN reported. Miners who are well enough will be able to reunite with their families before being flown by helicopter to the hospital.

According to the New York Times, Chilean officials have kept the enclosed miners informed and involved in the rescue process. They have sent provisions down through a small bore hole that was drilled 17 days after the mine caved in.

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