Obama hopes to increase trade with India and produce more U.S. jobs

President Obama pushed a plan in a speech Saturday in Mumbai that will establish more trade agreements in India and produce more American jobs.

"As we look to India today, the United States sees an opportunity to sell our exports in one of the fastest-growing markets in the world," Obama said at a summit of executives from the U.S. and India. "For America, this is a jobs strategy."

Obama is looking to increase trade between India and U.S. businesses that will ideally translate into more jobs, National Public Radio reported. New trade deals could support nearly 54,000 jobs in the U.S., White House officials said.

Atindra Sen, the head of a Mumbai business group, said that although trade has increased, few U.S. jobs have been created by trade between the two countries, NPR reported.

"Even with the 200 percent increase in Indian imports from the U.S., it's not going to create that many jobs in the U.S.," he said. "I think that this talk of jobs is more for the domestic audience than it is for a real issue between India and the U.S."

Obama is working to reassure a frustrated electorate that has seen many U.S. jobs outsourced to cities in India, CNN reported.

"In 2010, trade between our countries is not just a one-way street of American jobs and companies moving to India," Obama said. "It is a dynamic, two-way relationship that is creating jobs, growth, and higher living standards in both our countries."

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