To cut costs, the University of Minnesota plans to shut down over winter break

As students and staff head home to enjoy the holidays, buildings, offices and student study spaces at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus will shut down from Dec. 24, 2010 until Jan. 2, 2011, the Minnesota Daily reported.

The closure will reduce labor and utility costs, helping trim down the University's $3 billion annual budget, Minnesota Public Radio reported.

Only essential services, including hospitals, some labs and a few residences halls will stay open, according to U of M spokesman Dan Wolter, MPR reported.

"It's comparable to what you do at your house when you turn the heat down," Wolter said. "It obviously requires less energy to heat a building when the thermostat is at 55 as opposed to 68. So that will be a portion where a lot of savings will be incurred."

Over winter break, the University anticipates $160,000 will be saved on utilities on the Minneapolis campus alone, MPR reported.

Some residence halls will stay open, although all University Dining Service operations will shut down, including the residence hall dining services, the Minnesota Daily reported. All university libraries will close.

From Dec. 28 to Dec. 30, Boynton Health Services will provide pharmacy, walk-in care and some other services.

In addition to the shutdown, the University will cut costs with a mandatory, three- day unpaid furlough involving 8,200 hourly employees, although University officials are not sure how much it will save.

When the furlough is added to the 1 percent pay cut for salaried University employees, officials expect $18 million cut from the budget this year, MPR reported.

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