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Finishing the project, I am very satisfied with how it turned out. To me, it is a successful exploration considering I wasn't even sure I would know how to accomplish the technique. I will post or email a link as soon as the piece is up on the web for viewing which might help!

Collaborative - Flash Mob

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Well, the collaborative project was interesting. I have never done a flash mob before so that was a unique experience. It worked out alright, the people that were already in the room were surprised, especially the people who happened to be taking a tour which was fun. Personally, I had a hard time with this project because I didn't really see its merit to my education. Sure, we learned about working with a group and even a bit about how to plan a flash mob, but it felt an awful lot like paying a lot of money to plan a party and make masks. I think that would be a very interesting project to see done by a performing arts class. This is definitely all the graphic designer side of me who strives for efficiency, communication, and functionality. But at the same time, I understand that there is just art and performance and a bit of fun. I did get to know some of my classmates better, which was fun! We would talk and laugh while we worked on the masks. I enjoyed working with them and trying to make it a little more fun!

Critique 4

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Meeting with Joellyn, we tried to come up with that last thing that would really "surprise" the viewer and give it a twist. I have been thinking about it a ton and never was able to come up with anything. I don't really think it needs it though. I think that people will enjoy the effects themselves and be able to enjoy themselves while they scroll through the piece. I think that just adding some things like animals will be enough.


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Parallax Quotation

Media: Web Design

Size + Format: 1000px x 7000px

What conceptual ideas or thematic subjects did you investigate with
this project: This project was largely an exploration into the use of parallax scrolling. I wanted to utilize the available technology to make something unique and interactive.

Describe your work process on these finished pieces :
The biggest part of the process for me was just learning how to create the effect that I wanted. I already knew how to make web sites using HTML and CSS but I hadn't gotten into a great deal of Javascript. So I found a very basic tutorial on how to do this effect and I used some of there techniques and combined it with my own ideas and techniques that I came up with. Once I had a basic understanding of the parallax scrolling, I came up with my idea and and content. I wanted to scroll through a world and allow the viewer to read a quote. Another large part of the process was getting each individual piece that I designed to scroll at the exact speed, position and time that I wanted. That took a lot of playing around with but I finally got it.

(What creative + technical issues came up as you worked... How did
you resolve problems? What discoveries did you make? What would you
try again?)

Evaluate the success of the final craft of your finished project:
I think the project turned out very successful! It doesn't have any crazy twists and turns that make it unique and unpredictable but I think it was a great first attempt at making something that works using parallax scrolling.

Describe how you would ideally present or share this work with a
public audience:
Since this piece was done all on the web, I think it is best that it is shared on the web. Something that adds to the effect is when a viewer can see it happen in their own browser. When they can see it scroll in the same place that they check their social networking sites, it makes it that much more memorable. So ultimately I want to put this project on my own public blog and spread it through word of mouth and social networking and I think it would have the power to spread itself.

Describe how you would expand on this creative work if you were to
continue developing it:
I think I would like to continue working on other parallax projects using its effect but also combining it with other parallax effects. I also would like to work on some other ways that the technology could be used in practical ways. It's a very cool effect and something that I would love to continue using!

Update 4-22

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I'm actually starting to have some fun with this. I have begun coding and seeing it actually start to play out is really cool. Basically where I am at is I am doing all of the big pieces and then I will go in and add all of the little details just in case something gets thrown off somehow. But yeah, it's going pretty well. It still takes awhile to get each piece to be the exact place and speed that I want.

April 12th

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My newest mockup for the project


Digital Focus

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For my digital focus, I would like to create a moving web story using html5, css3, and javascript.

The best example out there right now using parallax scrolling is Nike's creation:

The use of this effect can also be more subtle:

There are also unique mouse interactions:

It can also be used for horizontal effects:

My goal is to create an artistic piece that utilizes this techniques. I want to use some sort of quote or use of typography as well. Here is a mockup that might be what it looks like:



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Original Image

Remix 1

Remix 2

Remix 3

Remix 4

Tweed CopyWRONG

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I decided to choose the painting of mount Fuji by Ando Utagawa Hiroshige. I appreciate the artistic style and Japanese heritage behind it. I took piece from the painting and turned it into a pattern along with adjusting the color.



Display Case

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For our group project, we worked very well together. We split different tasks up and worked towards the main goal. My final pitch for the idea of this project was to build a unique three-dimensional wintery world that would be utilizing different layers of depth and play with depth of field in a printed situation. Here is what it looks like:


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