Final Project!

May 4th

My church had a little morning seminar about the technical and scientific aspect of music. We learned all about watts and hertz and sound waves and how to use the technology we have to give the best sound that we can. The man we learned from was named Don with a very long last name. He is very smart and had a ton of knowledge of the field. I guess you could say it was like drinking from a fire hose trying to understand and retain everything that he said but I did learn a couple good things.

May 3

Went to class as usual. It is the last monday of regular class for the whole semester. That evening was devoted to finishing my final project for my digital arts class. It was a stop motion animation project that called for many hours of work. It involved taking a photo, then moving the pieces a tiny bit and then taking another photo for about four hours. The final product was definitely worth all of the work though. The piece was an animation of a somewhat stick figure-like character that was skydiving.

Rough Draft cards

May 2

Sunday was a pretty relaxing day which involved sleeping in even more and then heading over to my church for music practice. I lead a worship team there and it was great to practice with them. The other musicians are great at what they do so I always love playing with them. Especially with our new sound system! I'm actually starting a band with them and our first practice is on thursday so I am very excited for that! After church, we went back home and some friends and I watched the movie The Lovely Bones which was very unique and interesting.

May 1

May 1st was a very long day. A group of guys and I went to a conference down in the cities through our church. We left at 5:30 in the morning to make it on time. It was a great time of driving and talking and we learned a lot throughout the sessions. While we were down there though, we had kind of a crisis when my dad realized that my passport expired that day and I had less than two months until I go to Brazil for an internship. You can't get a visa without a passport. So my dad picked me up so we could drive around getting me a passport. It took a while but we finally got it done! Then I met back up with the guys and went to the rest of the sessions. Afterwards, we drove all the way back up to Duluth and had a great time talking then. It was a long but good day.

April 30

Friday was a great morning, starting off with sleeping in until noon which feels great. I've been trying to get over a cold and sleeping in can only help. Later that evening, I went to a town youth group in Cloquet where we played games with the kids and had fun. Afterwards we went to one of the leaders' house which is very nice and played more games including mafia, which is a great game!

April 29

As far as classes went, I met with my group to work on figuring out our project on Thursday morning along with doing some glazing in ceramics. I spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with my housemates before I left for Intervarsity where I led the music, listened to the talk and met with friends. After that I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with a bunch of people from IV and had a great time.

April 28

Wednesday was mostly classes including Graphic Design I and Design Tech II. After class I ran into one of my good friends from high school who recently broke her ankle so I took her to canal park and got coffee. Then we watched about half of the twins game. We lost. It was going great until I left which is what I connect it with. After that I went to a men's bible study and had some good discussions.

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