Week Nine: Drosophila Development

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drosophila pupae.jpgFor our next lab, we will be taking a progressive set of pictures that will be arranged into a movie. The theme: something interesting in drosophila development! I thought it would be helpful to look up the development of drosophila in order to get a better idea of what I want to focus on (all dependent factors aside. i.e. time). I realize that while I might like a certain part of development more than another, it might be near impossible to capture that moment in time. I think it would be interesting to look at the gradual development from a pupa to an adult, giving rise to legs and wings. However, since they encapsulate themselves, it may be impossible to see this transformation. Therefore, I would like to try to see when the adult drosophila emerges from the pupa into a fully formed organism with wings and all. Although it may be hard to identify when the transformed adult will emerge from the pupa, I think I will be able to monitor it enough to get a good idea with the help of Professor Myers. I am hoping that it will look much like the video linked below! Drosophila Video- Pupa to Adult

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