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Deadly Pigeon Cage

An article in the Star Tribune today (January 26th) reported on the devasting bombing in Baghdad that killed 14 and left 62 others wounded. Blood and animal remains splattered the streets after a bomb hidden in a box with pigeons exploded and ripped through a pet store and livestock market on Friday. It happened in the Souq al-Ghazl around 10 am this morning. The explosion happened one day after a suicide bomber blew himself up in a Shi'ite mosque on the outskirts of Mosul which left seven dead.

This event was also reported by Alastair Macdonald for yahoo news and takes a far more domestic look at the actions that the speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, will take. Offering insight into the ways in which the U.S. congress is handling this event is a convenient way to keep readers interested and awaken them to the impact that international conflict and hate crimes can have on U.S. policy.

The series of suicide bombings and hate crimes that continue withiin Beirut and Baghdad have had an immense impact on the world. What new strategies could possibly save these war-torn countries now?