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Cigarette Smokin' No More

smoking on stage.jpg

The Minnesota legislature is currently reviewing a bill that would ban smoking in public places throughout the state. This bill would enhance the Clean Air Act of '63 which strives to limit the amount of pollution in the environment. However, Indian reservations and Casinos would be exempt from this new bill while all other restaurants and bars would have to comply.

This news story was covered by the Star Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press both of which approached the story with contrasting levels of clarity and depth. Mark Brunswick, the author of the story printed in the Star Tribune, outlined the effects of such a bill and the details of the statewide smoking ban that could potentially transform the atmosphere of restaurants and bars within Minnesota.

In a related article that I found while reading Friday's issue of the Wall Street Journal, a study revealed that nearly 40,000 Americans smoke while 400,000 people a year die of a smoking related illness.

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Love the kooky photo! Is that Art Carney from "The Honeymooners"?

The photos and the color scheme show your creativity -- great.

I appreciate that you cited multiple sources. Honestly I would rather that you gave us a more specific sense of how the reporter dealt with the challenges. Saying the two papers used "contrasting levels of clarity and depth" is pretty generic.

You don't have to write a deep or comprehensive analysis of the articles. Rather, pick one slide (clarity, for instance) and explain how one was more clear and the other was less clear, with examples, preferably.

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