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Berlinale Filmfest

The Internationale Filmfestspiele in Berlin is taking place this week. There will be more on this later....for now click here

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On Saturday, the Associated Press released an article that appeared on several websites titled "Chinese Film Wins Top Award in Berlin" This is the 57th festival and it began on Feb. 8th and will end on Sunday, Feb. 18th. This article takes a fairly non-bias approach its reporting on the collection of films that were recognized at this festival. Robert DeNiro's film,The Good Shepherd, won the award for outstanding artistic

Although I couldn't find this exact coverage of the festival covered by another newspaper, I found an indie film website that focuses on the diversity that international filmmakers are bringing to this festival and also the impact that these films and industries are having on the European marketplace. Overall, this article is longwinded and not very entising. There is no kicker or vibrant lead but it does provide crucial feedback from Universal Studios co-chairman David Linde on the outlook of independent film.

I think the author of this article on the Indie website had to be conscious of his stance when portraying a prominent figure such as David Linde and had to deal with providing the public with a clear idea of where he stands on the future of independent film.