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Spaniards infatuated with Blue Pill

Spain Says Adiós Siesta and Hola Viagra
By: Dan Bilefsky

A few months ago a man walked into a pharmacy in Madrid, pulled out two toy guns and told the attendants to hand over all the Viagra in stock. Two hours later, in what was perhaps a show of gratitude, he returned with two bouquets of roses, before being arrested.

A male impotency drug nicknamed sexo azul by Spaniards has become all the rage with both teenagers and older men. This blue diamond shaped pill sells for $104 for a box of eight and has unleashed a string of men that crave this sexual enhancer for the prowess and confidence that it offers. A portion of society feels as though sexual desire is lost with the use of a pill and this once conservative and religious country has taken a dive for the worse. Here is a segment of the article that I found to be fairly well written and crucial to the idea of the article:

Pfizer, the maker of Viagra, says Spain has moved into the vanguard of a European Viagra trend in part because economic prosperity has transformed the country from a relaxed Mediterranean culture, where the siesta was sacrosanct, into an Anglo-Saxon-style, workaholic nation.

The author of this article, a journalist at the N.Y. Times, begins with an intriguing lead and catches the reader’s attention from the beginning. The language and structure of this article reads like a short story, it provides the reader with background on the drug nicknamed sexo azul and the impact it has had on society in Spain. It using commentary from consumers and the marketers of this product and evenly balances those throughout the story.

A similar article was printed in the International Herald Tribune but merely restates the hard facts and does not offer a more personal view on the issue by adding commentary or attribution of any sort.