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Rat Poison Found in Pet Food

The poison, aminopterin, was detected in nearly 90 brands of wet food distributed by Menu Foods this past week which resulted in a recall of nearly 60 million cans of food from December to March. The New York State department of Agriculture and markets said, "The substance, a derivative of folic acid, was used in past decades to treat cancer and to induce abortions." Paul K. Henderson, the chief executive of Menu Foods apologized publicly to the owners of those pets that purchased the contaminated food but did not claim that the company was negligent for this rare occurance. Journalist Katie Zezima reported for the New York Times on this issue.

An Associated Press article, Rat Poison Found in Recalled Pet Food, outlines the issues with Menu Foods but does not offer the extensive list of quotes and attribution that the N.Y. Times article did. This synopsis is far shorter and lacks interest. There does not seem to be a clearly identifiable angle or an emphasis on the controversy of the situation where as the N.Y. Times article hints at the fact that this could be a case of sabotage. Zezima, reporting for the N.Y. Times, identifies the underlying conflict between the pet owners and the company Menu Foods while the other article addresses it but does not offer commentary from officials or the consumers.