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Shaking buildings and Shattered Windows in Japan

An earthquake of magnitude 6.9 tore apart central Japan Sunday in the city of Kanazawa. Killing 1 and injuring 170 others, this quake destroyed city buildings, cut power, and left the streets “cluttered with roof tiles and cracked pavement.� Aftershocks followed throughout the day and triggered two small tsunamis. The majority of the damage was concentrated in the city of Wajima.

An article published in the New York Times written by Associated Press writers Hans Greimel, Carl Freire and Mari Yamaguchi is written with precision and clarity. It provides prominent background information on the history of the most powerful quakes to hit Japan and the story focuses on the shock and devastation that the quake has taken in the city of Wajima (193 miles northwest of Tokyo). This article is far more effective than the AP article that the Pioneer Press published which offers no apparent angle or even critical detail. It lacks depth and clarity by failing to offer quotes and a description of the aftermath that occurred. It appears more like a press release focused mainly on the heart of the story considering that it was written not far after the quake tore apart cental Japan and the north coast Sunday.

I think in the case of the New York Times article, contacting officials and commentators to speak about the earthquake that tore apart Japan early this morning had to come with its difficulties. Providing a clear and visually stimulating description of the aftermath and the intensity of this quake is what makes this article stand out. However, when comparing these two articles in the proximity of time, it is key to note that the AP article was published earlier and leaves little time for a thorough analysis with supportive details and attributed quotes