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statewide cigarette ban

The recent push in legislature to pass a statewide cigarette ban in Minnesota is stirring up mixed emotions from businesses, employees, activists, and the general public. This story idea seems as though it would provide a substantial amount of credible sources and a forum of interesting arguments if covered properly.


Hi, Shannon. Is this a story idea? You don't have categories created for your blog posts, so it wasn't clear. Remember that the story idea should be about three to four sentences, explaining the big picture, how you would make it relevant to a local audience, and a question you would pursue. PLUS the names and phone numbers and three potential sources who probably would be qualified to speak on the subject.

This subject surely merits a feature. Your initial description here is very broad. What specifically would you write about? You mention "mixed emotions." If you really mean you would right about people's emotional responses -- which would be an unusual angle that might be well-read -- then please spell it out.

Otherwise what you have here only identifies the very vague outlines of an issue. For a story idea, you need a discrete slice. Something that you could actually write in a couple days.

Please let me know when you have revised this story idea and I will award the points. Thanks.