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the battle for the first black president

Jeff Zeleny, a writer for the New York Times, submitted an article on the battle that Barack Obama is fighting in order to become the nation's first black president. This upcoming presidential election will pose several new struggles for the nation as both of the primary Democratic opponents are of a race and gender that has never been a part of the U.S. Presidency. This article focuses on the battle between Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama as they compete in the upcoming election.

A similar event involving both of these candidates is reviewed in the Pioneer Press by Nedra Pickler of the Associated Press. The article, Clintons, Obama honor activists in Selma, emphasizes how both candidates are focusing on the issues of race and gender in America. However, I think the first article provides beneficial quotes and commentary from well respected officials, this article seems to have more to say and the author deals with the struggles of running in the same political campaign.


Could elaborate more about their differences and similarities, and the challenge the reporters are facing.