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Fatal Shooting on Metro Transit Bus

Early Sunday morning, a 16-year-old boy was shot to death on a Metro Transit bus in St. Paul said police spokesman Tom Walsh. Police are still investigating whether the shooting was gang-related and have uncertainties as to the details of the event. Homicide detectives are reviewing security tapes to uncover more about the identity of the suspect.

The Associated Press article which was published in the Pioneer Press is brief yet descriptive and is a template for the article that Anthony Lonetree wrote for the Star Tribune. Both articles face challenges as it is difficult to report on an issue with immediacy and contribute valuable information when little investigation has occured. For instance, the Star Tribune article is clear in identifying on which route the shooting occured and which steets the bus was crossing when this fatal event took place.

The Associated Press attributes a newsworthy/admirable quote to Metro Transit Police Chief Dave Indrehus:

"The death of this young man on board a Metro Transit vehicle is tragic and appalling. Unfortunately, life on the bus reflects life on the streets. Nationally, and even here at home, we've experienced acts of outrageous violence in recent weeks," Indrehus said.

To a certain degree, Anthony Lonetree's article in the Star Tribune offers a slightly more descriptive view of the shooting with greater details which is to be expected if the Associated Press article is what this journalist was working from to create his own story. However, both outline the incident and highlight the death of the 16-year-old as the most prominent and newsworthy event by placing it at the top of the story.


The Associated Press story was not a template for the Star Tribune story. We started from a headline, and a headline only, on a broadcast website, and did our own work from there. The quote you highlight from the Associated Press came from a Metro Transit statement. Every media outlet who called Metro Transit had that available to them.

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