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Filipinos crucify themselves on Good Friday


In an article printed in the New York Times extreme religious devotion in the Philipines is documented. WIth a focus on fasting and praying during the Eastern season, the small village of Cutud was witness to nearly a dozen voluntary crucifixions on Good Friday this year. The language embodied in this article is highly descriptive and moving:

For hours before the crucifixions, lines of men, hooded and half naked, flayed their backs with bamboo whips and paddles tipped with broken glass. Blood splattered over the road.

It is also key to note in the N.Y. Times article the Catholic church's opposition to these extreme demonstrations and how they view these as a misrepresentation of the faith.

Although this issue has been covered in the past years there are no recent articles on this topic of crucifixions in the Philipines, However, there were several articles on the topic of Good Friday and the relgious traditions that several countries participate in