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French Riots and Political Suspense

presidential election.jpg

France is holding elections in two rounds (april 22 and May 6) to replace Jacques Chirac,74, who has been in office for 12 years. Many are concerned whether to vote with their head or their heart. Nicolas Sarkozy is the son of a Hungarian immigrant and the conservative front runner of this presidential election. He is eager to depart from traditional French social and political standpoints in order to incorporate freer markets into the French economy. Socialist Segolene Royal is the other competing candidate who would become the nation's first female leader if she were to be elected. These two candidates advanced to a runoff in Sunday's election.

In an article found in the NY Times, the battle between the conservative and socialist continues as the nation waits for the second part of the election to bring the final decision.

The election is also covered in the Star Tribune which offers a controversial look at the suspense that this election is causing. It oulines voter trends and highlights the main drive that each candidate is standing by and enforcing in his or her campaign. It appears unbiased and clear with its content delivery while offering descriptive language.
These articles contrast well with each other in that they both offer highly charged material and issues on the political candidates.

here's another interesting article on this suspenseful election


This is rather vague. You wrote that the articles "contrast well with each other in that they both offer ..." If you're listing their commonalities, that does not support that they are contrasting. The focus of the news blog assignment is looking specifically at how the reporter(s) handled a challenge of the assignment -- not your summary of the news event itself.

Try to note the original source of the story. Although the second article appeared on the web site of the Star Tribune, it was written by the Associated Press.