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Give Your Children to the Government

The Senate approved a $1 Billion tax increase which would ultimately tag Minnesota with the highest state income tax in the nation. This issue has spiraled into a showdown with Gov. Tim Pawlenty who had proposed to keep taxes down. Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller argued that,

"Years of budget tightening and earlier tax cuts aimed at the rich have harmed the middle class and brought the state to a crossroads."
This quote was cleverly followed up by Sen. Ray Vandeveer who said,
"Parents, turn your children over to us. You might as well, you're not going to have any money yourself to take care of them."
This article which was printed in the Star Tribune outlines the specifics of the bill and Pawlenty's opposition to it. It is clear in offering specifics when referencing the numbers and financial jargon that could easily loose some readers.

In the article Minnesota's wealthiest may be facing nation's highest tax rate, far less background information and detail is provided. It is written using similar facts and figures and both underline Pawlenty's opposition. However, the article printed in the Pioneer Press written by Rachel E. Stassen-Berger does not offer commentary from Senators or even a reference as to what this money is intended to be used for. It lacks depth but is concise and conveys the basic necessary information.


Coverage of politics usually focuses on the conflict between the characters and overlooks the content that affects the citizens.

On the other hand, we cannot overlook the interplay between the political players. It is their drama that shapes the decision. So it's relevant.

Newspapers need to strike a balance. You seem to have found that the PioPress's article erred too far on the content side and overlooked the conflict. I haven't surveyed the coverage myself, but if you're right, it's surely an omission. No doubt the Repubs are going to use this to get back into power. Thus the political drama has significance not only here but for many decisions in the future.

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