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Primitive ideas, Cavemen and a Comic at Hart

Johnny Hart, the creater of the award winning comic strip B.C., died today at the age of 76. His wife reported that he had a stroke while at the drawing board. His comics were centered around prehistoric cavemen and his innate desire to incorporate religious themes and evolutionary thought into his work. The AP article that was printed in USA today describes Hart as a well-respected cartoonist. Since he began the comic stip in '58, his work expanded and his popularity awarded him space in more than 1,300 newspapers and an audience that reached nearly 100 million.

In an interview with Johnny Hart a few years back, journalist Robert Doolan questions the cartoonist where the religious themes come from and about his continual questioning of creation and evolution. Although the focus of this article is not on Hart's death it is with timeliness and prominence that I am choosing to feature this alongside the AP article on his death today. Both portray Hart in a positive light and acknowledge his comic stip that had award winning acclaim and popularity in America for nearly 50 years.


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