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The Future of Journalism

As society continues to advance in its dependency of technology, it only seems logical that more and more professional journalism careers will be based online. For instance, a local Minneapolis magazine known as Pulse is no longer being distributed in a physical format and will only be available online. Does this mean that the credibility of journalistic writing will lose its place in the media and slowly become discredited? Is it possible for such downfalls to occur?

Newswriting for myself has always embodied this ideal of publication in a physical and tangible format that is easily available to the mass public. An open forum such as the Internet which allows for any individual to post material could potentially be dangerous to the future of journalism and news media. Bloggers and individuals that report on the media are gaining substantial attention and criticism from the general public which could potentially leave journalists wondering why so many perceive them to be lacking in credibility and knowledge of prominant political and social issues.