March 25, 2007

Overweight Complexities Linked to School Lunch Programs

story idea #2

Recent statistics and studies point to the idea that large portion of food intake occurs in school and that vending machines and a la carte lines are only initiating unhealthy habits. The growing number of overweight adolescents in American society is a concern for many parents and dietitions. By implementing healthier meals into school lunch programs it is suggested that the level of obesity will decease; however, could this really be the source of a unhealthy eating. Why aren't fitness routines implemented into school curriculums and what difference could these make on the overall ideal of staying in shape and eating healthy.

1. Martha Kubik, certified nurse practitioner, PhD, MS, RNC, assistant professor with the School of nursing
2. Janey Thornton, President of the School Nutrition Association, 270-769-8877
3. Linda H. Bearinger, fellow of the American Academy of Nursing, Director of center for Adolescent Nursing,

March 21, 2007

statewide cigarette ban

The recent push in legislature to pass a statewide cigarette ban in Minnesota is stirring up mixed emotions from businesses, employees, activists, and the general public. This story idea seems as though it would provide a substantial amount of credible sources and a forum of interesting arguments if covered properly.