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Recently the libraries homepage was updated. You can now access Course Reserves on the bottom middle of the page. with rsv.jpg

Please take the hourly gate counts starting this Sunday, January 25th. And Happy Spring Semester!

Gracias, danke, merci, grazi, takk, thank you.


It's here. Manual stapling is a thing of the past now that we have an automatic stapler at the 2nd floor desk! It holds 5000 staples, and it purports to staple up to 80 sheets thick. So far, that's untested. The red guide on the side is not for sheet thickness but rather the placement of the staple relative the edge.
I've sent an order for a replacement cartridge. I'll keep the classic staplers out as well so that we have a backup in case of mechanical failure. I think for now, I should be the contact for cartridge replacement and/or problems. Please please please! Do not staple your fingers! :)

If you're working at the 2nd floor desk and you find that the printer is saying that it's jamming A LOT, but you're not finding paper jammed in the machine, check the green guides in all the trays, especially Tray 1. The green guides hold the paper snugly and should be lined up with the mark for "8 1/2". If it's off the mark, the printer will be unable to pick up a page with its rollers.

If you are re-filling paper, that would be an excellent time to make sure that these guides are aligned correctly.

See photos for comparison:



We wish you a merry gate counts
We wish you a merry gate counts
We wish you a merry gate counts
And a happy finals week!

Congratulations on making it through the semester, and please remember that hourly gate counts start this Sunday and run through Saturday.

This is a repost from last year because I am lazy! Muahahahahahaha!

"Now that you've all done your monster-mashing and graveyard smashing, its time for everybody's REAL favorite time of year. Hourly Gate Counts Season!

Running from Sunday, November 2nd to Saturday, November 6th, the 2014 Gate Count Season is almost upon us. So while you're sipping your gate count flavored coffees and playing games like bobbing for gate counts, please don't forget to record the gate counts every hour.

Because before you know it, Gate Count Season will be over! :'-( And you don't want to miss out on the action!"

Hi Everyone,
I have an important presentation coming up this Saturday, October 11th, and I would really appreciate it if someone could cover the morning of that Saturday at the basement desk. I have posted the shift on the tradeboard, and I am willing to trade for another day!
Please take a look, and let me know.

Did you know that the trash can below the desensitizing machine at the 2nd floor desk is only emptied once a week (we hope)? If you eat at the desk - and I'm not saying you should - please dispose of any food material in the large gray trash bins, not the short, black ones. That way we can avoid funky smells. :)


I got a bad case of the Fall Semesters, and the only prescription is MORE GATE COUNTS!

Hourly gate counts start Sunday, September 21st and run through Saturday. Please remember to take the gate counts at the top of every hour! Any questions can be directed to Amy or Tim. Thanks!

Hey everyone!

I signed up to take my GRE exam (for Grad school applications) at 12:30 on September 20th in Eau Claire, Wisconsin (near where my family lives, about an hour and a half / two hours from the Twin Cities) several weeks ago, however this coming semester it looks like I am scheduled to work Fridays 4-9 and Saturdays 9:45-2, and its a non-refundable test. The schedule for the week of September 15th is not posted yet but I wanted to at least make sure I was able to trade my Saturday shift with someone. It would be ideal as well if someone could at least pick up the tail end of my Friday shift too (maybe 7-9?) just so that I can make the drive home and get well rested before the test, but the essential one to change would be the Saturday shift. If anyone wants to either trade it for another shift in the future (I'm free basically any Sunday as long as I know in advance) or else just if someone wants to pick it up for me, I would greatly appreciate it. Let me know if you are interested either in person or by emailing me at and we can make sure the switch happens.

Thank you!


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