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Hey everyone!

I signed up to take my GRE exam (for Grad school applications) at 12:30 on September 20th in Eau Claire, Wisconsin (near where my family lives, about an hour and a half / two hours from the Twin Cities) several weeks ago, however this coming semester it looks like I am scheduled to work Fridays 4-9 and Saturdays 9:45-2, and its a non-refundable test. The schedule for the week of September 15th is not posted yet but I wanted to at least make sure I was able to trade my Saturday shift with someone. It would be ideal as well if someone could at least pick up the tail end of my Friday shift too (maybe 7-9?) just so that I can make the drive home and get well rested before the test, but the essential one to change would be the Saturday shift. If anyone wants to either trade it for another shift in the future (I'm free basically any Sunday as long as I know in advance) or else just if someone wants to pick it up for me, I would greatly appreciate it. Let me know if you are interested either in person or by emailing me at and we can make sure the switch happens.

Thank you!


Gate Counts A Palooza

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It's the dog days of summer, which means it's that time again. Time for Gate Counts-A-Palooza! Games, rides, tickets, a giant stuffed panda that you can't possibly carry all day.
Ok, well, none of that stuff. But you still get to collect those fabulous gate counts!

Sunday, August 17th through Saturday August 23rd.

Stay cool out there my book worms,


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Gate counts start THIS Sunday, July 6th and run through Saturday, July 12th.

That is all. At ease troops. And Happy 4th of July. Happy Birthday America!

It's dangerous to go alone, take an hourly gate count with you!

Starting this Sunday, June 8th, please take the hourly gate counts through Saturday, July 14th. Thanks so much!


What is the Building Access Program?
The program aims to increase Twin Cities campus security by reducing the number of hours that campus buildings are open to the general public while ensuring that current students, faculty, and staff have access to facilities when they need it. To achieve this goal, exterior entrances will be classified as card-controlled, automated lock/unlock, or exit-only. This will eventually eliminate exterior door keys for entrances and allow the U community to have card access during nonpublic hours when buildings are locked.

Refer to THIS LIST for building's published hours for University students, faculty, and staff. During the listed hours, the building may either be unlocked or may require you to use your U Card for access.

Click HERE for a list of Building Access Program FAQ's.


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Do not waive or enter fines payments in Alma. If a patron would like to discuss a fine please refer to a full-time staff member. If none are available instruct the patron to contact Wilson Library at 612-624-3321.

Expired Patron Alert!

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Hello Circ Workers!

Ever run into an "expired" patron before? If you do, stop, drop, and follow these directions:

expired patron 2.jpg If you click on the "Renew" button from the Expired ID pop-up block, it will automatically reactive the account by extending the expiration date to 1 year from today and it will not be alerted. This can lead to a huge problem especially for Friends of the Library borrower accounts as they pay annual memberships to renew their account. If you run into an "expired" patron, it is usually someone who is not currently registered for classes or a Friend of the Library whose subscription has lapsed. Neither of these cases can be allowed to borrow books!

For Friends of the Library, a full time supervisor can renew the subscription for them, otherwise let the patron know that they need to be registered for the current semester to have library privileges. A lot of people will be graduating so this might come up!


Public printing will be down Sunday May 18 and possibly Monday May 19 so the vendor client & server software can be upgraded. Fee based printing will be unavailable throughout campus. Due to the timing of the upgrade it is expected to not have a significant impact to library users. Signs will be posted.

You have the right to take hourly gate counts.
Any counts you take can and will be used for planning .
You have the right to a gate count sheet.
If you cannot afford a gate count sheets, one will be provided for you.
Do you understand these rights as they have been written for you?

I think you'll find, if you cooperate, however, things will be much easier for you. Gate counts start Sunday, May 11th and end Saturday, May 17th. Watch your head.

Seeking input

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Do you ever use the Weekly What's Up in Walter blog? We're curious if you still find it useful for finding events in Walter Library.

For years FOM has maintained a blog called that lists the events in all the meeting rooms for a given week. It takes them about two hours every Monday morning to compile information from several different tenants in Walter and turn it into a form that we can read on the blog. Now that it has been announced that UThink will be retired, they can either migrate to a new system or retire Weekly What's Up in Walter altogether if it's not getting a lot of use.

In the future it might not take two hours every Monday, but probably at least an hour. (Madonna and I found a simpler approach that should serve the same function.)


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