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September 2009 Archives

Hourly Gate Counts

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We will be recording Hourly Gate Counts Sunday, September 27 - Saturday, October 3. Forms will be placed at each desk.

Thanks for your help!

Courtesy Copy Card

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When to use:

If the printer or copier has malfunctioned and the patron lost money:
1. Take the card and go with the patron to the printer or copier
2. Swipe the card and allow them to make the copies they lost or which were bad
3. Return the card to the folder in the cabinet

When NOT to use:

If a patron needs to make prints/copies and does not have a U Card or Copy Card:
1. The patron may purchase a card from the Value Port Machine for $1.00
2. Patron can add value to card in order to print/copy

Things to Remember:

DO NOT GIVE THE COURTESY CARD TO THE PATRON. Always keep the card in your possession.

Do not leave the desk unattended to assist the patron. Get a co-worker or supervisor to watch the desk, or a security monitor if during evenings/weekends.

If you cannot find someone to watch the desk while the patron needs assistance, please call the Reference Librarian at 4-0224 (during staffed Reference Desk hours). They also have a courtesy card and can assist the patron.

If a patron accidentally purchases a card out of the value port machine but all they wanted was to add money to their U Card, we cannot give a refund. Refer the patron to the U Card office.

Our courtesy card has a $10.00 value on it for the period of 1 month. Once the $10.00 is used we do not have any value left for the rest of the month. At the beginning of the next month, it automatically restores the value back $10.00.

Our department is responsible for this card and will be charged if the card is lost.

Report any problems to a supervisor immediately.

This information can also be found at: Courtesy Copy Card

Staff Contact List

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The staff contact list has been updated for the semester and is ready to print off if you want a copy. To reduce the amount of paper used, we will not be printing a copy for each student, but you are welcome and encouraged to print one if you would like a paper copy. Everyone should have access to the phone list so you can view it at your convenience as needed. It is still your responsibility to call or email for replacements and to call in when you are sick. You do need to know the numbers that are on this list.

The phone list can be found under the Staff Stuff page.

Staff Stuff

If you have questions, please let a supervisor know.


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Please use the link above when referring library users to other service points. When you can't answer a patron's question and they need to go to another location (ex. Wilson), fill out and submit on behalf of the user the form for the corresponding location (or use IM, if available).

Here are a few reminders:

Name is PATRON Name

Question: Be sure in the question field to identify yourself by name and detail what you have already searched.

Email: USER email address.

Selecting submit sends the question to the service point QuestionPoint email account AND to the user. The service point will handle the request from here! If you have questions, comments or concerns please contact Cody ( or Mary ( of the RRC.

Please leave your initials in the comments to indicate you've read this.

Aleph Login Security

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The new Aleph logins are for individual use. To ensure that you are the only one using your Aleph account, please have Aleph open on only one computer at a time at the basement and be sure to close Aleph all the way when you are done with your time at the desk. It may seem more convenient to have Aleph open on two computers when the basement desk is busy, but then we run the risk of someone using your account. In the same line, it may seem like a nice gesture to the next worker to get the workstation ready for them to login when you get the username and password box open for them, however if you do not close your account all the way it is extremely easy for that person to hit cancel and just use your account. You would not want someone to use your email or Facebook account would you? This is no different. Click the X when you done with your desk shift. If you have questions please let a supervisor know or leave a comment.

Walter History

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Do you ever get patrons asking about the history of the building? Or they want to know what stones were used in its construction? Or how about, what's the oldest building on campus?

Well, here are some old documents about Walter library, including how it was constructed, who designed it, and what materials were used. Courtesy of the Digital Conservancy:

Walter Library Dedication.pdf

Library Handbook 1923.pdf

The Library 1925.pdf

The reference staff provides some interesting articles about the library's renovation on the Sci/Eng site:

Walter renovation

Renovation article

Also, here is a link that provides some history on the oldest buildings on campus. It's a part of the University's Heritage Trail website. Check out the heritage trails on the website for more cool information.

Oldest buildings on campus

In order to reduce the amount of paper that we use in the library, we are making some changes to how we record our shelving numbers. We will no longer be placing shelving slips in each truck, but instead record this data on a central sheet of paper where we can record information for many book trucks. All the book trucks have been given numbers, so filling out the new form will be a snap.
Here's how it works:

When you are sorting a book truck you will simply fill the book truck as you always have in the correct call number order. Then on the left side of the central recording sheet, you will write the book truck number, your name, the start time and date, and the number and type of items.
Then you will put the truck in the shelving room in the same order as we always have been, over to the far left.

When you shelve, you will continue to take the book truck that is the most to the right. If you need to double check times on the oldest truck, you can check the central recording sheet to see what truck number should be taken. When you are done shelving, you will fill out the right side of the central recoding sheet. You will fill in your name, finish time and date. You will want to look closely to make sure that your are filling out the correct line for the book truck number you just completed.

The pink and yellow slips will still be used for Pick Up for now. Those slips can be placed in Mary's box right away after being filled out.
The central recording sheet will be on a clip board on the counter where the shelving slips have been.

If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to a supervisor.

Please post a comment after you have read.

As some of you may know, our circulation unit here in Walter has a new blog. The blog is meant to be a vehicle for communication between us supervisors with you, the students, as well as a means for everyone to communicate with each other. For example, if there is some Walter news we would like to share with you, we'll post it here. We'll also let you know if there some policy or procedure changes. This blog will replace the desk newsletter and Amy's emails. By subscribing to the blog's notifier, news and tidbits will be posted on the blog for posterity and emailed to you at the same time. For some library news, we'll want to be sure you've read the item. In those cases, we'll ask you to leave a comment for those entries indicating you've read it. Leaving your initials as a comment would work.

The blog will also provide you the means to communicate with us and each other. All of you have the ability to write entries and leave comments on entries. For example, say you have some questions about a new procedure, you can post those questions in the form of comments. Or say you want someone to take your shift that you posted on the bulletin board. You can create an entry asking if anyone's interested in your shift. This saves you from emailing everyone. We also would like to encourage everyone to post entries of general interest. If there's a news story, article, pictures, or websites you think are interesting and would like to share with everyone, please feel free to share. They don't have to be library related. We're interested in anything to keep things entertaining.

The blog is also meant to be a resource for when you're at the desk. We've all had times when a patron asks a weird question and we've scrambled to find an answer on the library or university websites. Well, we're trying to make answering those questions easier by including information and links on the blog. Information such as, what computer programs are in the computer lab, or where is the nearest value port other than Walter, etc. We've included helpful things, like the staff contact list and the current work schedule. The information is held in the blog's "pages." The pages are categorized, and by clicking on each page, you'll be presented with a list of topics. Click the topics to learn more. We have a lot stuff in there already and are working to add more, but if there's anything you feel we're missing, let us know. Also, if you feel the information could be organized better, let us know. This resource is for you and we want it to be as useful as possible.

We've included some helpful, important links at the top of the sidebar. The entries are organized in the categories listed in the sidebar. If you want to see all the procedures-related entries, you can click on the "procedures" category. The entries are also archived by month in the drop down menu and in the sidebar calender. Click on a day in the calender to see what was published on that day.

We hope you'll find the blog useful and fun to read. Tune in here for updates. If you have any questions, let us know. Have fun!


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