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October 2009 Archives

Day light savings ends on Saturday night, so be sure to turn your clocks back one hour before your go to bed or at 2 am. Enjoy your extra hour of sleep.

Beginning at 4pm on Friday 10/23 until Monday morning many library systems, including Aleph, will be down. The outage is occurring so the Office of Information Technology (OIT) can increase the amount of utility and emergency power to the University's data center located in the West Bank Office Building (WBOB).

How will we be affected?

--On Friday 10/23 at 4pm Aleph will go down and remain down until Monday. Do not try to open Aleph during this time. Instead, check out library materials using the Offline Circulation. Offline Circulation is on one computer at the basement circulation desk (the one closest to the network printer). To open Offline Circulation, click on the lowest icon on the desktop.

--The 2nd Floor desk staff should refer all users wanting to check-out materials to the basement desk. All transactions must occur on the one computer. Multiple instances can lead to problems when transactions are loaded on Monday.

--Place all returns (except Reserve materials) on the designated shelves behind the Reserve collections. The shelves will be clearly labeled. You do not need to sort Walter books, journals, Wilson books, Magrath, etc. Simply place all library returns on these shelves. The returns will be processed once Aleph is back online on Monday.

--Reserves should be checked-out and returned using Offline Circulation. These materials should be reshelved as usual - within the Reserve collection.

--Pickup 2 will not be done and shelving times will be re-assigned for the weekend.

--SMART Equipment should be checked-out and returned using Offline Circulation. Patrons may be escorted from SMART to the basement desk by SMART staff in order to check-out the equipment.

--MNCAT Classic will be available for searching only, with NO access to Your Account, Recall, Renewals or Get It.

--Continue using Offline Circulation until given the all-clear by a supervisor on Monday morning.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

I hope that everyone had fun yesterday at the IADS Staff Motivation Pizza Party. Here is the news that everyone is waiting for. The total numbers of candy corn in the containers and the winners.

The red container had 66 pieces of candy corn in it and Julia wins with a guess of 69. Way to go!

The blue or purple as some said had 89 pieces of candy corn in it and Kathryn wins with a guess of 93. Great job.

There is still candy corn and candy in Walter, so be sure to stop by and have a treat. Thanks again for all the awesome work you do. The libraries would not be the same without you.

Hours Available

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I am home sick and will not be able to work tomorrow, Saturday 11/17. If anyone could work any part of this it would be great. The hours that are available are:

9:00 to 1:00
2:00 to 6:00

Priscilla and Matt are at Walter today so you can call them or leave a post here.



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We will be without heat tomorrow for a few days so the building will get cold. WEAR WARM CLOTHES if you are coming to work in Walter!!


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Hi All,

Just a reminder. The DVD and VHS Reserve materials are NO OVERNIGHT even though Aleph will give you an overnight due date after 4pm.

You have to pretend that Aleph is assigning either 2 or 3 hour return times and tell the patron they are due back in 2 or 3 hours and can not be taken out of the library.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT because we may have many students trying to watch these films and the instructors have been very adamant about them being used ONLY IN THE LIBRARY!!!

If you have any problems with patrons complaining or taking materials out of the library please let me know. I can speak with these individuals if necessary. If any of the reserve DVDs or VHS are missing or out beyond their due time let me or AMY know immediately.

Thank you for your diligence in this matter.


We have the 2009 Dossiers for 3 UM teaching and advising awards available for circulation.

They are in black holders with call numbers X997-X999, so they are in the personal copies section of our Reserve shelving.

They don't get used alot but you should be familiar with where they sit on the shelves. I have a bright orange label pointing to their location.

Gate counts

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So what's with those darn gate counts? Why do we have to keep taking them?

We keep gate counts to track library use and to see when we get the most visits. They're also helpful for detecting patterns. For instance, some of you may be interested to know that according to the hourly gate counts from last week, Monday was our busiest day last week with 5,474 visits. Since the gate counts were taken hourly, we now know that the noon hour, 12-1PM, is the busiest part of the day, with a total of 444 visits. Business drops sharply after 10PM to 86 and 57 visits.

Last month, September, our gate counts totaled 79,713. That's a lot of visits! Last year, we had 83,641 visits in September, so our numbers are slightly down from last year. This is interesting, because historically, our counts each month in comparison to the year before keep going up. Rising gate counts means that the Libraries must be doing something right and that we're fulfilling our users' needs, which is great. I'm not terribly concerned about this Sep's numbers being down 3,900 from last year. A possible explanation is this semester's late start, since Labor Day was much later in the month this year. A day or two can make quite a difference. 3,900 visits is chump change. You may notice that last Monday, alone, had 5,474 visits.

The largest number of gate counts I've seen here at Walter was 95,873 last October. We'll see if we get that high or higher this year!

Free pizza

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Mark your calendar for October 21. The IADS Staff Motivation fall event will be from 12:00 to 2:00 on October 21 in room 314. More details to follow. Keep an eye on the blog for them.

Sub Sign Up Sheet

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The Walter Library work rules state:

"Use the replacement sheet to try and find a sub for a shift you cannot work. Do not only rely on the sheet; use the student phone list to call student workers as well. If you cannot find a replacement you will be expected to work your scheduled shift unless arrangements have been made with a supervisor".

It is very important that everyone tries to fill their shifts and makes sure that a supervisor OKs the replacement worker. The reason we OK it is so we know that the shift has been filled and we know who to expect to come in for that shift.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Please leave a comment when you have read this.

Stop in at Jimmy John's today from 11-3 and get a sandwich for a $1. Customer appreciation day at Jimmy John's equals a great deal for you!

Name Tags

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It seems that we are missing a number of name tags. Please look though your bag, your stuff at home, your car, etc and bring it back should you find one. Everyone was given a name tag on their first day and you should only be using your own. If yours is missing, please see Mary for a new one.


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