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FREE shifts!!!! (ha ha)

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Hey y'all!

I just put in my two week notice, and I need some shifts covered! I need as many taken as possible -- even a couple hours any day would help me out a bunch!! Also, I REALLY need my weekday shifts taken more than my Sunday shift.

Tuesday (Feb 2) 4-8 pm *
Thursday (Feb 4) 7:45-10 am
Sunday (Feb 7) 12-6 pm
Tuesday (Feb 9) 4-8 pm *
Thursday (Feb 11) 7:45-10 am

*I've also got an organization that I'm a part of that has meetings from 6-7 these days in Walter Library, so if someone could just cover that hour that would be awesome!

These shifts are also permanently up for grabs, so just let a supervisor know if you want 'em for the rest of the semester!

I've had a blast working with you all!! Thanks for all the fun times. Hope to see you around!


Have you ever been in a store looking for something and you can't find it? Then a worker stops to ask you if you are finding everything OK or if you need anything else? Isn't it great that you can then ask where that item is. Many times when patrons come to the desk, they may have been looking for one item and they were not able to find it. Some patrons will ask directly for it and others will not, they don't want to bother us. If we simply ask patrons "Did you find everything you need today?" when they stop at the desk to check out their items it can make the difference between a good experience and a bad one. Taking the extra time to ask can make a huge difference. So the next time you work the desk, start asking, "Did you find everything you need today?"

This is another customer service secret shopper point. For review so far we have:
Greetings , saying Hi and Have a good day
Name Tag , you need to wear it in staff areas, this includes when shelving
Appropriate clothing , be clean and neat
Ask if found OK , asking patrons in they need anything else
Explanations , can you explain due dates and what a hold is
Directions , can you give clear directions so the patron will find what they need, give a map if needed

We hope that everyone will score 10 points when we are secret shopped latter this spring. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Spring Reserves Update

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We have a couple of oddities related to the reserve collection this spring:

There are several books on reserve that have Dewey call numbers. I have shelved these at the beginning of the reserve materials and will try to keep them on a shelf of their own.

A handful of books have a 3 day loan period. These books have the green tape on the spine with 3 day written on the tape.

There are a couple of books and one course pack, so far, that have a NO OVERNIGHT use status. The due date should come up due the same day but if you see a NO OVERNIGHT sticker/label the item can't be checked out overnight, no matter what the computer says the due date is.

Hourly Gate Counts

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We will be recording Hourly Gate Counts Sunday, January 31 - Saturday, February 6. Forms will be placed at each desk. Thanks for your help!

2nd Desk Lost and Found

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Sometimes Lost and Found items are turned into the 2nd Floor Desk. We have put a box on top of the shelf in order for these items to be brought down to the main Lost and Found cabinet at the Basement Desk on a daily basis. If you are scheduled to do Pick Up 2, bring the items from the 2nd Floor Lost and Found box to the main Lost and Found cabinet at the Basement Desk.

Thursday, Jan 28

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Hi everyone. I'm still looking for someone to cover my shifts on Thursday, January 28. I am leaving town tomorrow at noon and will not be back until Thursday evening. If you can help, please let me know as soon as possible. Bribery is not beneath me and I am good at baking, so just let me know what kind of cookies/bars you want and they will be yours as soon as I get back.



Saturday Shift up for grabs

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Hey everyone! I was hoping that someone could help me out and take my Saturday shift on February 13th. It is from 4-9 and mainly spent at the desk. Thanks.

Is anyone able to work tonight - Tuesday, Jan. 26th from 8pm-12mid? If so, please let me know. Thanks!

Hello lovely, kind, and ever so helpful co-workers!

I recently got accepted at another job, and so I will need to permanently get rid of my weekday shifts because they will overlap with my other job. Please take a look at these two short shifts, imagine all the green you could be rolling in, and let me know if you can help me out!

Tuesday 4-8pm
Thursday 7:45-10am



Tuesday Jan 26

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Can someone take just an hour of my shift from 11-noon this Tuesday? I would like to go to the IT job fair. Thank you!

Multiple Shifts!

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Hi everyone. Sorry this is sort of short notice, but I need 4 shifts covered. My recital is on Tuesday and my teacher decided that I need an extra rehearsal at noon tomorrow, so I need that shift covered. Also, I have an audition in Kansas City next week for a summer program, so I will need 2 shifts covered for that. If you can help, please let me know as soon as possible.

Thurs, 1/21 (12-2)
Wed, 1/27 (11-2)
Thurs, 1/28 (7:45-10)
Thurs, 1/28 (12-2)


Wednesday 6-midnight Swap

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Hi guys, this is probably a long shot but I'm looking to swap out my Wednesday shift because I have an 8 am class on Thursday. I can take any shift on Friday but unfortunately this is the only day I have free - let me know if you're interested. Thanks.

permanent shift swap!

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Hello beautiful co-workers!

I would like to permanently swap a shift, or part of my shift if anyone is interested! Right now I'm signed up for a 6pm-12pm shift on Monday night, which is extremely difficult with an 8am class the next day... If someone wants to take 9-12pm or the whole shift, please let me know. I'm free to swap for any shifts that are between:

Tuesday - 4-12pm
Thursday - 4- 12pm
Friday - 2-6pm
Saturday - ?? ...negotiable...

OR if you would like to just take the last 3 hours of my shift and not swap at all, that is totally cool too. Let me know! Thanks!



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When a patron asks you for directions to a location in the building, are you able to answer clearly? Part of giving excellent customer service is the ability to give good directions to help patrons find the locations that they need. Do you just mumble and say "Take the library elevator to get to Level F". Or do you say "Take the library elevator to Level F and to get there you will go through the center doors and take a left to find the library elevator". You can also show directions on a map to help the patron or walk with them if you are able to. The location they are looking for might be another library and they need to know where Magrath Library is for example. Giving good directions is another point that the secret shoppers are looking for. If you are not taking the time to give good, clear directions, it is time to start.

Shelving Accuracy

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Shelving accuracy is checked each semester at Walter, Wilson and Magrath Libraries. Shelving accuracy is checked by a supervisor who records 20 call numbers from a book truck. Once the items are shelved, a supervisor checks to make sure they are shelved correctly. The Library wide goal is 98% accuracy.

This past Fall, Wilson received 99% accuracy, Magrath received 98%. We were disappointed in the Walter results and felt that it was too far below the goal:

At Walter in early November:
-140 books checked
-119 shelved correctly
-21 shelved incorrectly
85% accuracy

Everyone went over LC Easy and we checked again in late November:
-114 books checked
-106 shelved correctly
-8 shelved incorrectly
92% accuracy

We were pleased to see the improvement. However, in order to reach the goal of 98% we will be changing the process a bit. In the future, when checking is done, if you miss more than 1 book on your truck, you will be asked to use the colored shelving slips that you used for training. It is important that items are shelved correctly for a number of reasons: patrons find what they are looking for easier, the stacks get messier and shelving is harder to do, and more shelf reading needs to be done to keep items in order.

If you have any questions about this, please talk to a supervisor.

Spring Semester Schedules

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Spring Semester schedules are ready to be picked up. They are on the shelf in Mary's office. The new schedule begins Tuesday, January 19th. Hope you all enjoyed the break and good luck with your new classes!

Hey guys, if anyone wants it I have to give up my shift this sat, it's from 12-6.

December Gate Counts

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For those of you who'd like to know (let's face it, gate count fans, you know who you are), we tallied 78,679 visitors in the month of December. Not bad considering it was a ghost town for the last week or two.

Shifts up for grabs

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I have insurance licensing classes during some of the shifts I have been assigned on these dates.

1/7 Thursday - 1pm-5pm
1/11 Monday - 1pm-5pm
1/13 Wednesday - 1pm-6pm

If anyone would like them, they are posted on the shift switch board. Also, if you have a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday shift you would like to give up, I am able to take those.


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