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Shelving Accuracy

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Shelving accuracy is checked each semester at Walter, Wilson and Magrath Libraries. Shelving accuracy is checked by a supervisor who records 20 call numbers from a book truck. Once the items are shelved, a supervisor checks to make sure they are shelved correctly. The Library wide goal is 98% accuracy.

This past Fall, Wilson received 99% accuracy, Magrath received 98%. We were disappointed in the Walter results and felt that it was too far below the goal:

At Walter in early November:
-140 books checked
-119 shelved correctly
-21 shelved incorrectly
85% accuracy

Everyone went over LC Easy and we checked again in late November:
-114 books checked
-106 shelved correctly
-8 shelved incorrectly
92% accuracy

We were pleased to see the improvement. However, in order to reach the goal of 98% we will be changing the process a bit. In the future, when checking is done, if you miss more than 1 book on your truck, you will be asked to use the colored shelving slips that you used for training. It is important that items are shelved correctly for a number of reasons: patrons find what they are looking for easier, the stacks get messier and shelving is harder to do, and more shelf reading needs to be done to keep items in order.

If you have any questions about this, please talk to a supervisor.

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