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1. I know we are all really good about telling patrons their due dates during the check out process. What we might need to be more aware of is whether the patron is actually able to hear what we are saying. Each circulation desk has issues to overcome. The 2nd floor can be like a canyon with our quiet voices swept away into a void. B desk has the humming and buzzing noise of the Wise Owl to drown out our voices which sometimes means nearly shouting to be heard.

Paying attention to whether the patron actually hears us when we tell them the due date or any other necessary information is important. When checking out short term loan items, where email reminders will not be of service in getting items back on time, I tell the patron how long they can use the item, either 2 hours, 1 day or 3 days. Then I tell them the actual due date and time. Of course, I am observing their facial expression to see if this information is registering and listening to background sounds to determine if I am talking loudly enough.

During the break a student drove here from Rochester just to return an overdue DVD. He said he was not told the DVD was due in 3 days.

2. When checking in/discharging materials slow down your pace and look at the computer screen after you wand in the barcode. There may be a pop up message that you must respond to or the item will not check in properly.

Recently we have had a few more items that have been re-shelved that were still checked out to patrons. It can be very upsetting to patrons who are sure they have returned an item but find that is still on their library record. Taking the time to call the library and try to "straighten things out" is an annoyance we can prevent if we again slow down during check in and look at the computer screen after each discharge to ensure each item has been properly discharged.

We appreciate all that you do but want to work to make things better. Thanks for your help!

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