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Hi lovely people,

Could someone please take a portion of my shift this coming Friday (July 2nd) from 12-3pm? I have a fashion show that evening and I need to be there early in the day to get ready for it. If anyone can I would really really appreciate it, and would looove to take your shift in the future if it works with my schedule.




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A message from Kristia: Beginning Tuesday, July 6 Walter Library will experience vibrations. The vibrations are the result of drilling a manhole very close to the North West corner of the building, where there is a fenced area blocking the sidewalk. Work will be from 7am-6pm each day with the project expected to wrap up on July 9.

What you can expect:

1) Vibrations will be worst in the NW corner of the building and will lessen the farther you get from the corner
2) Vibrations are expected to be noticeable, but minor. The worst vibrations are expected to feel like someone is rolling a very heavy cart next to you.
3) Technicians with seismographs and other vibration monitoring equipment will be monitoring the building throughout the vibration.

Questions/Concerns? Contact me immediately. --Kristia

Pick Up 2

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When doing Pick Up 2, please be sure to check the shelf at the Basement Desk for any Reference items or Thesis that may need to be shelved. Shelving these items is part of the Pick Up 2 process. Also, when shelving the Reference items, please mark what area they are from, (Reference General, Desk, Dictionaries, etc) on the pink slip. If you have any questions about Pick Up 2 or how to mark the pink slip, please talk to Mary.

EDHD 5009 has requested the DVD "The Color of Fear" be placed on reserve but available for a 3 day loan to students. We have the ability to keep a closer watch on its use down here. Let me know if it is gone for longer than 3 days for one patron.


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When checking in the daily mail be sure to look at each HOLD SLIP to determine if the item should be routed either to the patron's office, the Smart Learning Commons or our Basement Circ Hold Shelf. We have recently found several items that should have been routed to the patron's campus office or the Smart sitting on our hold shelf.

The 3 routing possibilities are: Route to: My TC Campus Office, or TC Walter Library (for the Smart) or Walter Sci/Eng Library (for our hold shelf).

Place items being routed to a TC Campus Office in the white, heavy duty plastic bags and label with the campus address listed on the hold slip. You may then place this bag back in the mail bin and it will be routed to campus mail to be delivered to the campus office of the requester.

If you are handing off mail to be finished at the desk don't forget to tell the staff helping about these special items.

Mail is not as simple as it seems, especially when it is a huge shipment and you are interrupted by patron's wanting to pick up items they just received an email about.
If you have any suggestions about improving the mail process please let us know.

Payday Change

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All University employees will receive the paycheck originally scheduled for Wednesday, June 30, 2010, on Thursday, July 1, 2010. This is a one-time occurrence. You are receiving this notice so you can make accommodations for this one-day change in the pay date. In particular, if you have set up auto pay to cover any bills, we ask that you plan accordingly and make adjustments with your bank, if needed. For those with Direct Deposit, the funds for that pay period will not be available until Thursday, July 1.

In communications from the U it was indicated that in fiscal year 2009-10 (FY10) there are 27 paydays instead of the usual 26. Anticipating that the budget shortfall for FY10 would be more significant than in FY11, the decision was made to move this extra pay date from Wednesday, June 30, 2010 to Thursday, July 1, 2010, thus moving the financial impact from FY10 to FY11.

The Shelf Reading notebook has been updated for the summer along with a new look. The red notebook has retired and a blue notebook is in it's place. If we are all caught up on shelving, please shelf read. You will find that you each have an assigned section to work on. If you have any questions, please ask. Thank you.

Shift Available

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Hey guys and gals, I just realized that I have a weekend shift on July 4th, but that's my baby sister's birthday. I know it's a holiday and time for family, but I would hate to miss out on the preparations for my sister's ninth b-day. So I would be grateful if someone could take my shift that day. It's from 12-4--a very short day--with desk duty only.


Nice Ride MN

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If you enjoy riding bike, but don't have one on campus you now rent one. Nice Ride MN has a number of bikes around the Minneapolis metro area including locations at Kolthoff Hall and Wilson Library. Now you can ride a bike across the river to class or into downtown for an event. There is even a great rate for students.

Nice Ride MN

Check out the new Library Course Page and let us know what you think. This is a "soft" roll-out which means we have time this summer to use the course page and make comments about potential improvements before fall semester. Our course reserves are listed via this tool now.


If you want to access the old course reserve catalog you can click on MNCat Classic and on the left menu bar you will find the link to the TC Course Reserves Catalog.

Fines Payments

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When a patron is paying their fines with a credit card, YOU need to fill out the Credit Card Payment Form. There have been several illegible and incomplete forms filled out lately. Carefully fill out every field on the form and then have the patron sign it. Payments cannot be processed without a proper credit card number AND expiration date. Thank you!

Contact List

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The contact list has been updated for the summer. A copy will be posted on the bulletin board and also available in the blog. If you would like to have a print copy for your self, you can print a copy at work from the blog. You can find the contact list under Staff Stuff

Our total visits for May was 54,728. That's down from last year's 55,751. Bum, bum, bum!!!

No big deal though. It appears that finals ended last year on the 16th and finals ended on the 15th this year. That means there's one day less of heavy library use, which would account for the discrepancy. Thanks to everyone for taking good gate counts!


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