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ISO Standards search

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Hey everyone. Since we've had a couple standards questions lately--when the ref librarians are gone--look at what I found:

It's the ISO search engine used by the ref staff! FYI, I found this through their blog. So, hope it comes handy for us too. (It's funny that this didn't occur to me--or that no librarians told me--when I helped them create the ISO spreadsheet last summer.) Oh well. Yippee for us^-^



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Thanks for sharing this with the circ staff Lysa...Charlie just put the finishing touches on the web search late last week. We plan to link to this on our Sciweb page...but thought we should do some user testing first. (Once we move it to a permanent place the url will likely change--just FYI)

But please feel free to use it, Circ staff. If you have feedback about the search or have more questions please feel free to contact me ( or Charlie.

Also thanks to Lysa for inputting info into the spreadsheet that makes this search possible!

Yes, thank you Lysa and Charlie for creating this and bringing it to our attention. We have had the run on questions about standards lately and this will be a big help.

Nice! Thanks for sharing, Lysa. This will surely come in handy when I'm at the desk!

Thanks for sharing Lysa. This is a great help!

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