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August 2010 Archives

Today at 4pm Level F will officially open to the public again. There is a small section on the north wall that is closed off that we will have to page from. Please ask patrons to fill out Get It requests for anything from that area.

Thank you for all your hard work during this time.

How can we help students find their Course Reserves if they don't know their course number?

* Ask the student to use a public terminal to log in to their account from the "Course Resources" tab. They will then see a list of the Library Course Pages for courses they are enrolled in.


The Libraries' new web site is being launched on Sunday, August 15. It is hoped that the new web site is streamlined, easy to navigate, and more personalized.

Please let us know if you have questions locating anything on the new site.

Shift Available

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Hey Guys,

As you know, I'll be starting my grad studies very soon, and my long-awaited orientation is on the 24th. So I'd be grateful if someone could take my 4-hrs shift, starting at 2 to 6 (closing).


Mary brought this wonderful relic from the past to our attention. Enjoy!


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They canceled the water shut down. They are going to fix the problem a different way. Walter Library will have full water on Sunday.

water on water.jpg

I've finished redoing the organization for the pages section. It's now called HELP! This is where you can find useful information to help you answer those pesky patron questions, to which you may not know the answer. The help pages are organized by new categories, and each page is arranged by which questions get asked the most frequently at the desk, as voted by your peers. Hopefully, this way the most useful information is at the top of the page where it will be spotted quickly. For pages with more content and involves scrolling to see the entire content, I've added a handy content menu at the top. Clicking a term in the menu will jump down the page to where the information resides. Check it out! I hope the new organization makes the blog more useful!

water faucet.jpg

On Sunday, 8/8, the water in Walter Library will be shut off for 12 hours from 6am to 6pm. Staff and students who need to use restrooms, drinking fountains or other water will be directed to Smith Hall via the Smith Hall Tunnel.

Water Shut Off Details on Sunday, 8/8
1. Water will be shut off beginning at 6am
2. Water will turn back on at 6pm
3. Signage will be posted throughout Walter Library notifying patrons of the shut off.
4. Signage will direct people to Smith Hall to use the restroom. The only access to Smith Hall will be via the Smith Hall Tunnel.

Hourly Gate Counts

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Book Clock.jpg
We will be recording Hourly Gate Counts Sunday, August 8 - Saturday, August 14. Forms will be placed at each desk.

Thanks for your help!

Water is Shut Down

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From 1pm- 2pm TODAY the water for all of Walter Library is going to be turned off to test some valves. I will be posting signs on all bathroom doors and caution taping them off as I go through.


Pleasant Street CLOSED

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street closed.jpg

Starting this Saturday, August 7th Pleasant St will be closed. It will be closed from the roundabout/ Pillsbury Dr to Washington Ave. The closure is expected to last for 2 weeks; 8/7-8/21.

The Arlington & Pleasant St intersection will be dug up during this time to complete the storm sewer upgrade and upgrades for the light rail project.

Questions/Concerns? Please contact me.


Break Schedule

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The new break schedule begins Friday, August 6. Please check to see when you work next.

July Gate Counts

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Fantastic job on recording the gate counts! There was not a count missing, astounding. Last month's visits were 25,398. That's down again from last year's 26,626. That's two months in a row that we're down. I wonder if the light rail construction outside is affecting the gate counts, since it's harder for outside researchers to get to the library (parking, etc.)?

Hello everybody!

I was hoping to go home and visit the fam this weekend so I was wondering if anyone would want to pick up one (or both!) of next weekend's shifts for me. Super easy desk shifts! If you would, let me know!

It's Saturday Aug. 7th, 11-6 and Sunday Aug. 8th 12-6.



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