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December 2010 Archives

Break Hours

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Hi students,

I hope you are all having a lovely break, and your semesters all went swimmingly. I am writing you to ask, for anyone interested, if you would please help me out by taking a shift (or three) of mine during the break. I am looking to take some vacation time, so if anybody is looking to pick up hours and make a little scratch after this holiday season, the shifts are as follows:

Monday, January 10th: 2-6
Tuesday, January 11th: 2-6
Wednesday, January 12: 2-6

These are all basement desk hours, and since it is winter break, it should not be too busy. So please let me know if you would like to take these hours! They are on the shift-swap board. First come, first served!

Thanks, Tim

Printing will be unavailable in the Libraries
January 3-7th.

If you need to print please visit a University of Minnesota Computer Lab. For a list of locations and hours please go to:


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Loans from SMART commons being checked out today are showing due 12/24/10. We are closed that day and will be closed for a week after that. Please extend loans today and the rest of the week if needed to 1/3/11. Please keep an eye on any SMART dvd loans and any other short term loans that are done so that the loan can be extended to 1/3/11. If you have any questions, please talk to a supervisor.

Need an hour covered!

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Hey Guys,

My exam time got moved on Tuesday, December 21st. I have to work starting at 11, and my exam starts at 10:30. It'll probably take me until 11:30/12, and I'm at the 2nd floor desk during that time. If there is a way someone could come in for that time, if you're between exams or just on campus, that would be so great!


Hourly Gate Counts

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alarm-clock.pngWe are recording Hourly Gate Counts during Finals Week:

Thursday, December 16-Wednesday, December 22.

Forms will be placed at each desk. Thanks for your help!

Shift on the 23rd!

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I was wondering if anyone could take my shift on Thursday the 23rd from 1pm to 6pm. I got to leave the dorms by 8pm on the 22rd and I don't have anywhere to stay that night around here. I'm also willing to work on Monday afternoon and/or evening if someone wants to swap shifts.



Study Break

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study break.jpg

Wednesday December 15
7:00 pm
1st Floor Lobby in Walter Library

There will be free soda and cookies, free books for fun reading over Winter Break, snacks from the Wise Owl Cafe, and the chance to win prizes in a trivia challenge.

Lost and Found items emailed

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The lost and found cabinet has been gone through, and many patrons have been emailed about items that they may have left in the library. If anyone comes in saying that they have been emailed concerning an item in our lost and found (most of them books and notebooks) please check the box in the back cabinet that is labeled as such.

The box is just the top of a paper crate on the second shelf in the lost and found cabinet that says "These patrons have been emailed, etc, etc." The patron's name is on the front of each item on a yellow sticky-note. The patrons have been asked to pick up these items before we close for Winter Break.

Thanks for your cooperation!


Hi everyone, I know this is really short notice but I recently found out that my family is getting together this Saturday (12-18) for a Holiday gathering. Unfortunately, I am scheduled to work from 1-6. I would be really grateful if someone could take this shift. I would gladly work for you on Friday, or Sunday, or whenever. It's almost all 2nd desk, with one hour of shelving, and one hour of B desk.



Saturday 12/18

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Hey Everyone! I am wondering if anyone would be interested in working Saturday 12/18 8:00am-12:00noon. It is only a four hour desk shift, but when you don't have a car, it is kind of hard to get here from St. Cloud. Thank you in advance to the student who volunteers and if you do you just might get some goodies from Santa.


Extra Shelving Hours

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Wilson Library is looking for extra student help to shelve materials starting December 13 through January 7. If you're interested in extra hours please let a supervisor know or contact:

Becky Adamski ( or Patrick Murphy (

SELP Program Overview

The Student Employment Leadership Program is a flexible program that offers a year-long series of workshops & activities designed to complement students' on-campus employment experience. SELP is geared towards the professional development of student employees and provides opportunities to intentionally promote student's growth in respect to the University's Student Development Outcomes.

The program consists of select workshops and activities throughout the year. Three workshops will be offered each semester that focus on leadership and workplace topics. Students will be asked to have their resume critiqued and to create an eFolio documenting their University and work experience. Students who attend 4 out of the 6 workshops and complete the two activities will receive a certificate of accomplishment at the end of the year. This program is open to any student employee who is currently enrolled as an undergraduate although space is limited.

For more information, click HERE or contact

This program is sponsored by the Office for Student Affairs.

Pizza Party!

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pizza party.jpg

More hours

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Hi everyone,
I would appreciate it if someone would take my 8pm to 12am on the 16th of December, I will put it up on the wall soon.

Saturday 12/11

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I'm looking for a sub for next Saturday 12/11. The hours are 10-1 and 2-6. It would help me out a ton if someone could take the hours.


To everybody working this weekend:

There is a reserve item at the basement desk for IE 5513 that will not be in MnCat this weekend, but is nonetheless available for 2-hour checkout.

The film "Fuel; Change Your Fuel... Change Your World" by Josh Tickell will be available at the basement desk for 2-hour, NO OVERNIGHT checkout. The film has no LC Call number, so it will be on top of the Circ cabinet at the basement desk (where the sensitizer/desensitizer is). It will be accompanied by a note with the same information found here. Expect students to come looking for it this weekend, the professor was very clear on this point.

Thank you so much for your cooperation!

Tim E.

Work will be starting soon on a project to pull older copies of journals to bring to storage. The copies that are being pulled all have on-line access. When helping at the desk, if a patron says that a call number set is not on the shelf, please check to see if the title is available electronically and refer to that. If you need help finding the on-line access for journals, please let a supervisor know.

Student staff will be hired to work on this temporary project and we may ask you, our current staff, to help with parts of it as well. The project will include pulling items from the stacks, bringing them to a room on First Floor, vacuuming the items, scanning the items and placing the items in a box. We have added a new key ring to the Basement Lock Box that has the keys for the project.

If you have any questions about the project, please talk to Mary.

Finals Week work schedules are ready. They are on the shelf in Mary's office. Finals week schedule covers Thursday, Dec. 16-Thursday, Dec. 23.

Thumbnail image for Pink Minitex Router.jpgThe Get It Service is Expanding to the coordinate campuses. Twin Cities patrons will be able to request items from U of MN Crookston, Duluth and Morris Libraries by using the all-campus catalog. Items will be delivered through Minitex and shipped to the pick-up location requested. Office delivery will not be available for these materials. The Get It Service will also be available for Duluth patrons who are requesting items from the Twin Cities.

You will be receiving items from Crookston, Duluth and Morris Libraries in the MAIL for patrons that have requested a pick up at Walter. Process them as a regular Get It, then place on the hold shelf, recycling the pink slips.

You may receive items that have been returned to Walter that need to be shipped back to the owning library. If you receive an item that needs to be returned to Crookston (MCR), Duluth (MND) or Morris (MNX) please use the Minitex router circling the corresponding library code and place the item in the gray bin. You may also process a Get-It for an item from Walter that needs to be delivered to Duluth or Rochester. Again, please use the Minitex router circling the correct library code (MND or UMR) on the slip.


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