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Operation Enduring Liberty Update

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I wanted to give an update on how Operation Enduring Liberty is going. Since May 16, when we started counting the 2 week period, we have only had 2 days that have been free from mistakes. Each time mistakes are found, the count for 2 weeks is started over again.

The type of mistakes that I am finding are simple errors that make me believe that shelving is going too fast or your mind is on something else. When you are shelving, go slow enough to make sure that the item is in the correct location and take a quick scan over the shelf to make sure that everything is in correct call number order. I would rather have you go slow and make sure that items are in the correct call number order than go fast and make errors. When items are shelved in the correct location, patrons can find them, we will have less search requests for items, and when you page items you will be able to find them in the correct location.

Here are a few examples of some of the mistakes I have found. If you have questions, please talk to a supervisor. Going over LCEasy again can help to if you have questions.

Item in front: QC173.4 .C74 M3
Item Checked: QC173.4 .M48 P76 2003
Item behind: 173.4 .C74 N38 1983
In this case the .C74 was missed on the items in front and behind. I found the .M in the .C

Item in front: Q143 .H5 H48
Item Checked: Q143 .H5 H47 1993
Items should have been flip flopped. Item checked was one off.

Item in front: QE28.2 .V58
Item Checked: QE28.3 .W53 1989
Item behind: QE28.3 .W53 2000 end of shelf
Next Item: QE28.3 .C65 1997 New shelf
In this case, it shows how important it is to look at the start of the next row. The 2000 copy may have been mis-shelved already, but scanning the shelves to double check would have caught this error.

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