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More hours! yay!

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Hey everyone!

So, I'm working on the grueling moving process right now, and I have a few dilemmas. Thursday, August 4th my aunt is coming down to the cities to visit my cousin. As a favor to my mom, she is bringing my bed down that day. I need to move my bed in as early as possible on Thursday because my aunt needs the truck empty to then move my cousin out. I also want to spend time with my family that night! I work 12-9, so I'd be willing to trade for an earlier shift that day, or I'd love it if someone could work the 5-9 portion for me. I put 5-9 on the tradeboard, but let me know if you want to switch the whole shift.

Next, my roommate is moving home to Duluth for the last two weeks of August, and then she goes to London for the semester. Since I have a car, I offered to help her move the last of her things home, and I want to spend the 12th-14th weekend with her and her family and friends, because I won't see her again until January! I really really need Sunday August 14th off from 12-6. I'm happy to take any of your shifts in August after that. I'm just busy with moving up until then. Please let me know as soon as possible! I would really appreciate it!


Thursday August 4
12-4, 5-9

Sunday August 14

There is a shift available on Monday, August 1st from 7:45am-5pm. If you are interested in extra hours please sign up on the When to Work Tradeboard. Thank you!


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Hey all,
I just wanted to note that the thing I've had to do more than actually make a guest account for someone is to look up their existing number on the system because they've misplaced their card. In this case, Tony has recommended finding their number and then copying and pasting it to a word document to print out. This is easier for us so we don't have to write it down, and is less likely to result in incorrect reproducing or issues with sloppy handwriting. you know!!


Its time to party! We have made it another two weeks with no shelving errors! From 7/11 to 7/22 35 items were checked and all 35 items were found in place. Treats will be provided this week to reward the fantastic work. Keep up the awesome shelving.

Remember, treats will be provided for every two week time period that we are free of shelving errors. We are now starting a new two week session. Lets keep up the work, so we can get treats again in two weeks.

The computers that are available for public access login are those on the 2nd Floor in Room 206 & 208 only. SMART is NOT included - these will remain for use by University Students, Staff & Faculty only.

The computers on the Basement level and below will be left as x500 access only - University Students, Staff and Faculty.

Two computers will be setup as Library Catalog access only - no login required.

1. The stand-up public computer at the basement desk
2. The stand-up public computer at the desk in Room 206

These 2 computers will only have access to MNCAT and websites linked to MNCat (.gov, .edu, etc). Signs are posted indicating the limited access on these computers.

Please let us know if there are questions.

CybraryN Goes Live!

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Instructions for registering a new guest user can be found HERE

A valid government issued photo ID (e.g. passport, drivers license, state ID, school ID) is required.

The patron must sign the back of their card. By signing their card they agree to abide by the Terms of Service for Guest Access

To log in, the patrons last name is their username and the barcode on the front of their card is their password. After entering this information, they must select the "Guest" login button. Pressing the "Enter" key will NOT work.

The Public Workstation Access card provides 2-hours of computer access per day. If they want more than 2-hours they can join the Friends of the Library and receive unlimited access.

Additional information can be found at the Libraries Public Workstation Access Page

We will be going over the process of creating cards with each of you, but if there are issues or questions beforehand, please ask a circulation supervisor or reference librarian.

Saturday Shift

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Hey all, I am here once again begging of someone to help me out this Saturday the 23rd. I work 10:45-6, but have also volunteered myself at a kickball tournament/benefit for sarcoma/cancer research near my hometown with many of my high school friends. I would be absolutely ecstatic if someone could help, so much so that I am also offering a nice little $10 reward to whoever takes my shift. I can also trade with anyone that works on Friday since it is my day off, while still, obviously, offering this fantastic $10 reward!!! I'm begging!!



From Vice President Kathleen O'Brien:
"The University of Minnesota will welcome the U2 360 Tour to TCF Bank Stadium on Saturday, July 23. If you are among the more than 60,000 fans expected for the first major concert in TCF Bank Stadium, be sure to visit the U2 information webpage for complete details on parking, stadium policies and other event news.

The 60,000 fans expected will be the largest crowd ever for an event at TCF Bank Stadium. In addition, a sizable number of non-ticket holders are expected to come to campus and enjoy the concert atmosphere. The campus will be full of activity and road construction will make travel difficult. If you are coming to the concert, or if your work or class schedule require you to be on campus on Saturday, be sure to allow extra travel time. Employees and students with current parking contracts will be able to use their designated parking contract location, but reciprocity privileges will not be allowed.

Load-in and set-up for the concert is an enormous undertaking. More than 100 semi-trailers have begun delivery of the lights, sound system, field covering and staging needed to produce the show. The stadium area is already congested with trucks associated to the many construction projects on campus, so please use extra caution this week as you walk, bicycle or drive around campus especially when near the stadium."

The event starts at 7 p.m. but expect crowds to develop hours before.

Thursday's 8-5

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thursday rainbow.JPGSome hours have opened up on Thursday's from 8-5.

--July 21
--July 28
--August 4

If you're interested and able to work any of these hours please pick them up on the tradeboard in When to Work. Thank you!

August 1st-2nd

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Hi everybody!

I will be moving from my apartment (into another apartment) from July 31st to August 1st. Unfortunately, August 1st is a Monday, a day in which I have to work. As much as I would love to come into work after a long day of moving out, it would be much more advantageous to all (myself, and the staff/patrons of the library) if I didn't have to put in 8 hours of work after several days of heavy lifting. You know what I am saying. The shifts would be the following:

August 1st and 2nd: 5-9PM

Shifts are on the tradeboard in When-to-work, and I would much rather have the 1st off, if you are available to take it, because it would have negligible benefits to have the 2nd off and no the 1st. Anyway, I appreciate your willingness to help out, and I hope you all are having a great summer!

Tim E.

Hours Monday 7/18

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Hey everyone!

One of my great friends is almost done with hair school and he just asked me if I'd be his model for his last test. I get a free haircut, I get paid, and I get to help a friend pass his final board exams so he can be a qualified cosmetologist. I'd really appreciate it if anyone could take my 7:45-12, 1-5 shifts next Monday, because the exams are all day, and I really want to help my friend out!

I'm willing to trade, but next weekend I'm going out of town for a wedding, so I'd have to owe you one.

Let me know! I'd really appreciate it!

We almost made it another two weeks without any errors, but with the shelving from Wednesday and Thursday there was an error on each day. We were so close to getting treats again for our perfect two weeks. Everyone has to stay motivated and on track.

Here are the two errors that I found.
Item in front: QA76.9 .L638 B73 2007
Item Checked: QA76.9 .N38 B25 2011
Item After: QA76.9 .N38 I558 2008
Next Item: QA76.9 .M3 A87x 1971
Item was shelved in the .Ms

Item in front: QA76.73 .C15 S57 1990
Item Checked: QA76.73 .C153 S654 1999
Item After: QA76.73 .C15 S7349
The 3 was missed in the .C153.

If anyone has questions on shelving, please talk to a supervisor.

I would very much like it if someone could take my shift on Saturday, July 23rd. 10:45-6, all sitting at a desk. Some of my high school friends just contacted me about joining their kickball team for a tournament in my hometown. The tournament is part of a benefit in memory of a young girl that passed away from cancer last fall and being that I am from a very small town (everybody knows everybody), it's a pretty big deal for everyone to go home and get involved! So I would appreciate it greatly if someone could help me out, I'm always willing to trade or take someone's shift when possible!


Shifts next week

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Hi everybody!
I just wanted to see if anyone would be able to take any of my shifts next week, July 11th- 15th. I am going on vacation with my family, so I really need those shifts covered. I am willing to drop them or trade, and am also available nights and weekends if anyone wants some days off! The shifts are on the tradeboard, so if you're able to help me out I would really appreciate it! Just let me know so I can get those 3 shifts all figured out. Thanks so much!

Thanks to your great work we have shelved 37,940 items since last July. Books by far had the lead with 22,017 and 208 journals and Pick Up was a close tie for 2nd Place with 5,837 (208) and 5,894 (pick up). Thesis and Popular Reading items cannot be forgotten with 120 (thesis) and 133 (popular). Thank you again to everyone for your shelving efforts and keep up the fantastic work.Shelving Graph.png

4th of July

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4th-july.pngWalter Library will be CLOSED on Monday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day.

Enjoy the day off!

Hourly Gate Counts

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clock_Sun.jpgWe will be recording Hourly Gate Counts Sunday, July 3 - Saturday, July 9. Forms will be placed at each desk.

Thanks for your help!


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