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More hours! yay!

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Hey everyone!

So, I'm working on the grueling moving process right now, and I have a few dilemmas. Thursday, August 4th my aunt is coming down to the cities to visit my cousin. As a favor to my mom, she is bringing my bed down that day. I need to move my bed in as early as possible on Thursday because my aunt needs the truck empty to then move my cousin out. I also want to spend time with my family that night! I work 12-9, so I'd be willing to trade for an earlier shift that day, or I'd love it if someone could work the 5-9 portion for me. I put 5-9 on the tradeboard, but let me know if you want to switch the whole shift.

Next, my roommate is moving home to Duluth for the last two weeks of August, and then she goes to London for the semester. Since I have a car, I offered to help her move the last of her things home, and I want to spend the 12th-14th weekend with her and her family and friends, because I won't see her again until January! I really really need Sunday August 14th off from 12-6. I'm happy to take any of your shifts in August after that. I'm just busy with moving up until then. Please let me know as soon as possible! I would really appreciate it!


Thursday August 4
12-4, 5-9

Sunday August 14

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