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open door 1.jpgThere have been some issues with the library doors being secured at night.

Please inform a supervisor right away if any doors are unlocked or already propped open (that shouldn't be) when you arrive to work in the morning. If you cannot reach us at that moment, send one of us an email indicating which doors were unsecured.

Thank you!

100_0434.JPGSome of you may remember that TPT was filming in Walter Library during Spring Break. They were filming for a documentary on Clarence Johnston the Architect of Walter Library. The documentary will air on Twin Cities Public Television (channel 2) on Sept 27, at 8pm.

Further Details...

Clarence Johnston - Minnesota's hidden-in-plain-sight architectural master. If you've lived in Minnesota for any length of time you've probably been in one of his buildings but you just didn't know it. From the 1880's to the 1930s, Clarence Johnston built all over the state of Minnesota. Everything from beautiful mansions on Summit Ave in St. Paul to tuberculosis sanitariums up north to Glensheen Estate to Stillwater Prison to the old Minnesota Historical Society building to Northrop Auditorium and on and on. Johnston truly shaped how Minnesota looks today.

Hey all,

I was just writing to tell you that I recently posted my shift for Thursday, October 13th on the WhentoWork tradeboard. It is the closing hours of that evening, from 8pm-12midnight at the Basement Desk. I would very much appreciate anybody that can help me out that evening, as I have tickets to an event for that night only.

It might be midterm time by then, so won't you be in the library studying anyway? And being at the end of the week, Thursday nights are some of the quietest. Thank you so much in advance and I hope your semesters are all going swimmingly!


Hourly Gate Counts

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clock - fall leaves.jpgWe will be recording Hourly Gate Counts Sunday, September 25-Saturday, October 1. Forms will be placed at each desk.

Thanks for your help!

Tuesday Nights

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I am starting rehearsals for a U of M production and need help covering the end of my shifts on Tuesday nights (6-8). I absolutely need November 8th and 22nd covered, but can miss a few rehearsals if I can't get all of these shifts covered. So, let me know what you can do, if you can take 1 or all of them!

Also, I would not mind helping you out if you need something covered and it works with my schedule!


Hey everyone,

So I'm looking to get some help getting to some meetings on Wednesday nights. I'm in a student organization (Carlson Business Board), and I need to attend the meetings for the organization. They happen on Wednesday nights at 5:30, unfortunately during the tail end of my 2PM-6PM shift. I'm willing to TRADE with anyone for this hour, provided it fits with my schedule. That's right, trade! If you want to get out an hour earlier on a weekend, let me know! You help me and I help you. Lets work something out! These Wednesday shifts are on the tradeboard!

Hey everyone, I know nobody likes to work on Saturday and that you all are very aware of that the trade board does exist but I figured I would send out an SOS anyways. My sister's best friend is having her wedding on the 24th but I work 9:45am to 4pm. I don't have an important role or anything but she is like a second older sister who likes to try and boss me around and it would be really nice if I could go. I already RVSP'd before this schedule came out and I realized that I had a shift on that day. If someone could help me out that would be great. I can trade any day during the week before 4pm and all day on Friday. Let me know thanks!

Operation Enduring Liberty is off to an excellent start this semester. From September 1 to September 16, 30 items were checked and all 30 were found in the correct location. Congrats to all with the hard work. Treats will be brought in sometime this week as a reward for our two weeks without errors.

Today starts another two week period to go for the next round of treats. Lets keep up the fantastic work. The more items shelved correctly means less errors in the stacks and Get It items are easier to find, patrons can find what they need, and shelf reading is easier to do.

If anyone has any questions about this, please talk to a supervisor.

Name Tags

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I know that it can be easy to wear your name tag to class after work, but please remember to bring it back. If you need a new one, please send Mary an email or respond to this post so one can be made. Thank you for those who have already indicated that a new one is needed.

Remember name tags are part of providing good customer service.

Shifts on Mondays!

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Hey Guys,

So there is this volunteering program that I want to be a part of that meets up every Monday at 6pm but I am working 3pm-8pm on Mondays this semester. I was wondering if someone would be interesting in working the 6pm-8pm portion (or more of it) for the rest of the semester. I'm totally willing to swap too. My Thursdays afternoons and Friday afternoons are available. Let me know what you think. Thanks!


The Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota has released the following educational statement to help people understand what happened on Saturday at the football game to Coach Kill. Please take a moment to read it since you never know when an emergency can happen to you or someone you know. I also want to remind everyone about the location of the defibrillator in the building. It is located on the 1st floor by the bathrooms in the red box.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let a supervisor know.

Epilepsy Foundation Statement

Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota EpilepsyAwarenssRibbon.jpg

Friends of the Library.jpgThere is a new Friends of the Library promotional sign at the basement desk along with new application cards. The information highlights the benefits of becoming a member including borrowing privileges and unlimited onsite computer access. The old applications may still be used as well.

Thursday, October 6th

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Hello, everyone! So, I really need my shift on Thursday, October 6th, from 3-6 covered. It's not up on the tradeboard yet, because that week hasn't been published yet. But, if you know you will be able to cover it, let me know and we can work that out when its ready. I would seriously appreciate the help, since I have an appointment scheduled at that time, and even if I were to reschedule it would still be on a Thursday. As always, I'm totally willing to pick up any shifts that you need covered (within my ability). I don't work weekends this semester, so if you need a trade for a Saturday or something, I'm available.



Walter Library website, what was "SCIWeb" has been updated. It still has all the great contact info for the Liaison Librarians, but now it has even more. It includes, maps and history of the building, computers and printing options that are in the building, information on trainings and events and a ton more. Take some time to look it over and leave a comment to let us know what you think of it.

Walter Library Website

This is a great resource for your when working evenings and weekends.

Thursday 9/15 4-8 Shift

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Hello Everyone,
I'm looking to get my Thursday shift off next week. The shift if from 4-8 and it is quite simple, Mail at 4 and then covering the 2nd floor desk from 6-8. I posted it on whentowork a week or two ago if you haven't checked it out!

I am willing to trade or just give this shift away and am available to work many different shifts, just let me know what you would want to trade!


Can't find your name tag anywhere. You have looked all over and you think that your room mates, neighbors, dog ate it. No problem. Let Mary know and she will get you a new one.

Please send her an email or respond to this blog post if you need one.

Remember, name tags are part of the customer service that we offer in the library to identify library staff and name tags need to be worn at all times. This means you need to have on.

Campus Connectors/Circulators

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Hey students!

Have you seen all the construction around campus w/r/t the new Central Corridor Light Rail System? If you have, you're probably wondering how the old Campus Connectors and Circulators are running these days. Well have no fear!

With this handy guide put together for your convenience by the U of M Parking and Transportation Services, you should have no problem navigating the treacherous thoroughfares of academia!

Here's to hoping this post finds you in high health and good spirits, and I wish you the very best in your scholarly endeavors and academic pursuits.


Just a reminder to everyone that random shelf checks are still being done. I hope that we will get to a point where we can have two weeks after two weeks correct and endless rewards to all. Over the summer we have had 3 two week sessions with no errors. That is awesome! After each two week period of no errors however there were a few days of errors and I am trying to figure out why. The errors I find are missed decimals, QA in the QB, item after or before already out of order and not caught, items just flip-flopped on the shelf for the next item. These seem to be simple errors that should be caught if one is going slow and paying attention. Please take your time in shelving to make sure the items are correctly shelved. If you have any questions, please let a supervisor know.

Hours September 15

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Hey everyone,

This is a few weeks away, but I just bought a ticket for a concert on Thursday September 15 because one of the touring bands is staying on my couches that night. Unfortunately, I did this before realizing I work 6-12. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out!

I definitely need 8-12 covered. 7-12 would be better. If someone could pick this up, I can pick up Micah's 4-6, because that's on the tradeboard the same day too. I'm happy to trade with another closing shift. I can do Monady 8:30ish-12, Tuesday 4-12, and Wednesday 7-12, or Saturday any time. I could do short morning shifts, too, but only 7:45-11. Let me know!



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