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Shift on Nov. 8th!

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Hey all, I am planning in advance to make it to a show in Mankato on Tuesday November 8th. Unfortunately, I also happen to work from 6-midnight on Tuesdays. I am hoping that someone would take my shift that week, in return I will take one of your closing shifts that week! I would also be willing to take anyone's weekend shifts the weekend before or after this date, including anytime on Fridays. Please let me know, or grab it on the tradeboard with a suggestion as to what shift I can take for you!! If you just want to take the shift, not trade, I'm fine with that too!



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I could work from 8-midnight but I have other obligations for the other 2 hours. Let me know if you're interested!


I would swap you for my closing shift on Thursday, Nov. 3.


Hey, that works out perfectly, I could take your November 3rd shift.


Okay, I picked up your shift. Mine's on the tradeboard.



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