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ILL items on hold shelve

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Hello everybody!

For those of us who come early to open:

Please check ILL items for due dates as well as other items on the hold shelve (when opening in the morning). University Library items are easy to see that the hold date has passed. ILL items have a due date instead of a hold date, so they sometimes do not get marked in transit by the due date.

ILL items should be marked in transit and given a slip to Wilson.

Thanks & Happy Thanksgiving,

Walter IADS Winter Feast

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Please join us for pizza and camaraderie!

walter feast.png

road_closed.pngPlease see this message from Vice President Kathleen O'Brien regarding the Washington Avenue Bridge closure this weekend. Also...a note from Kristia...

The detour route for Westbound access to the Washington Ave bridge will begin at Arlington and Pleasant. Due to this detour there will be NO access to the Walter and Smith Hall loading docks during the change over this weekend. There will also be no access to the on-street parking on Pleasant St over the weekend.


You Hold the KEY

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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Person holding key to many windows.jpg

You are very important to our user's success in using the library effectively. Remember, you as Circulation staff are the first point of contact for people coming in to use library materials. Many of our patron's have never used a library before or this particular library, so it is important that you listen carefully to their questions.
They may not use the same words for what they want as we use or know what the library offers, so careful listening and probing questions can go a long way in providing what the user wants. It is our job to help them understand the materials and services the library provides. Ask a supervisor if you need help understanding the patron.

One crucial element to helping the user have a positive ongoing experience with the library is to tell them the due time and date when they check something out. Do not ever assume the user knows the due date. Every time you hand an item to the user, inform them of the due time and date. Patron's get upset when they receive an overdue fine because they were not told the due time, especially for RESERVE items which have large fines.

How else can you help patron's have a positive experience in the library? Circ staff, please respond.

Shelving Updates

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We have been doing an awesome job of keeping up with shelving. Way to go! I have a few reminders for everyone.

When shelving if the item does not fit on the shelf, please bring it back to Mary. That lets me know where shifting needs to be done. Also keep an eye on the book ends. Sometimes the book end needs to be loosened or tightened to make sure books are standing properly and not to tight on the shelf.

Lastly, if there is nothing to shelve and you are assigned to shelve, please check with a supervisor on what should be done or proceed to Shelf Reading. Shelf Reading is an important tool with helping the stacks be user friendly and up to date. Lost items have been found at times and we can then remove the Missing Status.

Thank you for your help in maintaining order in the stacks. If you have any questions, please let me know.

usgs maps.jpgReference needs help labeling and shelving maps. If you are looking for 2 extra hours a week then look no more! The hours are flexible and you would be paid $8.00 an hour. If you're interested please let me know or contact Tony Ihrig directly at

November 20th

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I was recently offered a really cool opportunity to go to Chicago from the 18th to the 20th of November. I was hoping someone could pick up my Sunday; November 20th shift which is 6p.m. to midnight. I appreciate the help!


Daylight Savings Time Ends

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fall back2.jpgDaylight Savings Time Ends Sunday at 2:00 AM. Don't forget to turn your clocks back!

Hourly Gate Counts

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imagesCAUKVNH0.jpgWe will be recording Hourly Gate Counts Sunday, November 6 - Saturday, November 12. Forms will be placed at each desk.

Thanks for your help!

Inclement Weather Procedures

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A message from the University Librarian, Wendy Lougee:


Today marks the 20 year anniversary of the Halloween Blizzard in 1991! Let's hope we have a safe and uneventful year in terms of the weather. I thought I'd take a moment to share the official communication procedures of the University of Minnesota and the University Libraries during inclement weather.

Libraries staff should listen to WCCO Radio (830 AM) for official University closing information. Details also will be posted on the University's website homepage.

In the event the University Twin Cities campus does close for weather-related or other events, University administration will send an email to all Twin Cities faculty, staff, and students with details about the closing. The University Librarian's main phone number (612-624-4520) will have a voice mail message repeating the official closing information.

The University Librarian's Office will send a Libraries "allstaff" email confirming the campus closing. Supervisors of student staff should forward the message or otherwise attempt to contact students as appropriate.

Staff who work weekend and evening shifts should call the University Librarian's main number (612-624-4520) if they believe the University may be closed or closing on the day of their shift. Supervisors of student staff should alert students about these procedures.

The University also has a text-messaging system (TXT-U) which sends text messages to individual's cell phones. This is a subscription service. To learn more about the system and/or sign up for alerts, click HERE. If you have any questions about communications procedures, please speak with your supervisor.

Thank you,
Wendy Lougee


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