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You Hold the KEY

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You are very important to our user's success in using the library effectively. Remember, you as Circulation staff are the first point of contact for people coming in to use library materials. Many of our patron's have never used a library before or this particular library, so it is important that you listen carefully to their questions.
They may not use the same words for what they want as we use or know what the library offers, so careful listening and probing questions can go a long way in providing what the user wants. It is our job to help them understand the materials and services the library provides. Ask a supervisor if you need help understanding the patron.

One crucial element to helping the user have a positive ongoing experience with the library is to tell them the due time and date when they check something out. Do not ever assume the user knows the due date. Every time you hand an item to the user, inform them of the due time and date. Patron's get upset when they receive an overdue fine because they were not told the due time, especially for RESERVE items which have large fines.

How else can you help patron's have a positive experience in the library? Circ staff, please respond.

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Anytime you're down shelving or shelf reading, it's pretty common to see someone wandering with a confused look to them, make sure to ask them if they need help finding anything. I would say that nearly 90% of the time I've asked someone, the person will take me up on my offer because they were confused, but were afraid or too shy to ask.

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