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Hey guys, sorry this is super short notice, but I had to switch an appointment time last minute, and I really need this shift covered. Its only two hours (from 11-1) this Thursday, February 2nd. I would really appreciate it! Of course, I'm happy to switch with anyone, when possible.

Thanks in advance!


Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! (and all week).

Gate counts so high your pulse will race! Unending swarms of people with a thirst for knowledge and sometimes coffee. You'll can have the whole seat, BUT YOU'LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE!

But seriously hourly gate counts are this week, starting Sunday. Helpful reminders are sticky-noted to your monitor.


Need hours covered?

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Hey all -

I had to make some changes to my class schedule, so I thought I would offer this: if anyone needs hours picked up on Monday or Wednesday afternoons on a permanent basis, I might be able to help. I have some free hours now, and would love to help if I can! Feel free to email or text me if you need it.


Monday Night (6-8)

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Hello everyone,

Last week I signed up for an online class. Unfortunately, it happens to meet more than I thought it would and therefore I'm wondering if anyone would be able to take two hours off of my Monday night shift. The time I would need to get off would be just be from 6 to 8pm. If I can fit it in I would be willing to swap those two hours.

Nick Yates

Upcoming Saturday Shifts!!!

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Hey all,
I have come to the realization that my first three Saturday shifts of the semester (I work 3-9) are on days that I am at least partially unable to here's the lowdown. The 21st, I have some Get Out the Vote training from 5-7:30, right here on campus. So if someone were able to take the 4:45-7:45 part of my day, that would be fantastic. The 28th, I have an extremely important grad school test that I signed up for months ago that starts at noon. It happens to be a 4 hour test, so I wouldn't get back here til about 4:30 at the earliest, if someone could cover the 3-4:30 part of my shift. And finally, the week after that, Feb. 4th, I planned on going home for a friend's birthday. So please, let me know if you can take these little shifts, or if you want the whole thing, that's fine with me as well. I'm willing to trade for any Friday or Sunday shifts as well!!!


"Route to: ...?"

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Hey everyone!

Hope everyone has had a fun-filled winter break! :) This is just a friendly reminder to those who do Get-It's, Opening at the B-Desk, and anyone who check in books and a hold sheet prints out:

Please double-check the "Route To:__" at the top of the page of each Hold Slip that prints out for a hold book. At opening, it is the B-desk's duty to clear off any books on the Hold Shelf that is past the "End Hold Date" on the Hold Slip and check it back into our system so that other patrons can get access to it. However, I've been finding books that was supposed to be sent to a patron/professor's office & placed on the Hold Shelf.

If it says, "Route to: Walter Sci/Eng Library", please proceed to write down the last name, first name on top of the Hold slip, along with the "End Hold Date", and place the book on the hold shelf.

If it says, "Route to: My Twin Cities campus office", you may notice that it doesn't have an "End hold Date" like the frequent Hold Slips/Get-It slips we receive. Please place the book in a white bag with the patron/professor's address (that is on the Hold Slip) on a white sticker, secure it with two rubber bands, and place the wrapped book in the mail box to be shipped out. The materials for this are on the shelf behind the basement desk by the paper cutter.

Please do NOT put "Route to: My TC campus office" books on the hold shelf along with the others that says "Route to: Walter Sci/Eng Library", otherwise it might be checked back into the library (along with the other books that were not picked up) without ever reaching the patron's office. :"(

Many thanks in advance!
Gao Yang

The patron log-in method for Interlibrary Loan will be changing to the University of Minnesota's LDAP (U of M Internet ID and Password) authentication on Wednesday, January 11th.

At present, patrons create their own ILLiad user names and passwords. When we change to LDAP authentication, patrons who currently use a personal ILLiad username (non-U of M Internet ID) will be directed to a registration page where they will need to create a new account . ILL staff will then merge their old account with the new one. Patrons who currently use their U of M Internet ID as their username do not need to re-register; they will be directed to the Main Menu once they log in.

This change means that users no longer need to maintain a separate username and log-in to use Interlibrary Loan.

Please let us know if there are questions.

Swap shifts

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Hello everyone,
I recently obtained an undergraduate research position and need to open up some day time hours during the week so I can fulfill my time requirements. I am willing to take any weekend shift or night shift in exchange for some day time hours. I have a Monday open to 1 pm, wednesday open to 1pm and a friday 10 to 4. I need to maintain at least 15 hours so trades would be preferred.

Processing Mail

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Hi all, just a friendly reminder to all of you doing mail this break, and continuing on to next semester.

When picking up the incoming mail from the 1st Floor, make sure you are only picking up mail intended for Circulation. Well how do I know what is intended for Circulation, you might ask? There are a few helpful reminders.

All mail items to be processed by circulation come in only one type of bin. It's the bin we're all familiar with: gray, one size (large), with the fully removable top, marked "Sci-En Walter." There are a couple quick questions you can ask yourself if you are unsure:
-Is the bin shorter than the rest?
-Does the bin have a lid that opens in the middle like the jaws of an alligator?
-Is the bin/cover red?
-Does the bin just say "Mail"?
If the answer to any of these questions is yes, do not process the mail inside the bin.

Another handy tip is to look inside the mail bin. Are there envelopes and other "mail" type stuff? Are there books but no routing slips? Do the books look new? If so, most likely these books are not for you. However, if you have any question about whether a bin is for Circulation while doing the mail, please feel free to consult Amy, Mary, Priscilla, or myself.

Also, if the box is marked "For Tim Engelstad, Walter Circulation" or the like, please bring it down and leave it in my office somewhere out of the way. Under the desk is just splendid!



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