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So, when I was filling out my availability, I totally spaced out and forgot to mark down Saturday May 5th as a day I cannot work. I've been planning on attending an event for months (or pretty much the whole year since its an annual thing) and I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out, always down for trades of course. Its a 7:45-3:00 shift, almost all desk. I will switch for your Sunday shift if you want.

The other one is May 12th, my family just sprung on me that they are planning on getting together that weekend in my home town, so it would be really nice if I could get that day off as well so I could go. That shift is a bit shorter, from 7:45-1:00.

They're both up on the tradeboard so feel free to grab them, or let me know if you need a trade.


Sat May 5 7:45 to 1:00

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Hey Everybody!
So I know we signed up for when we were available during finals week, but my friend very recently asked it she could come up for that weekend, and I would love someone to the moon and back if they could pick up this shift for me! I don't want to have to ask my friend to chill at my place while I have to work, so I'll do almost anything for wonderful person who takes this shift. Its up on the tradeboard, so please, check it out!

Hello Friends!
Something has come up during the end of my Tuesday, May 1st shift from noon to 2pm. I would really appreciate if someone could cover those last 2 hours all at the basement desk for me.

Thank you kindly!

Today is Severe Weather Awareness Day and according to MPR they will be sounding sirens twice today, at 1:45 and again at 6:55. So if you hear sirens at that time it should be only a test. Please take some time to review the emergency procedures for what to do in severe weather. You never know what can happen when you are at work and we all want to be ready to handle it.

Hey, I have a shift up on the tradeboard for Saturday April 28th from 3-9!! My mother is coming up that day for the Twins vs. Royals game at noon. The game should technically be over close to the time my shift starts, but it would be ideal if my Mom could hang out up here for the rest of the day after the game. Please let me know if you want the shift, or take it off the tradeboard!!!! THANKS!!!



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Shared Weights.gif

When staffing either Circ Desk be sure to complete the following tasks:

Empty book drops, check-in/sensitize returns
Push in book ends/straighten books when removing HOLDS from the B level shelves
Organize mail bin books, larger on bottom to smaller on top
Fill a book truck or two if there are returns awaiting reshelving

Think about it, when you leave these tasks undone during your shift you are not carrying your load and creating more work for the next staff member. Let's work together.


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Hello, all,

I am MASSIVELY in need of Saturday, April 21, off. I work 10-3, mostly at the desk. If anyone could lend a hand for all or part of that time, that would be fabulous. I would gladly pick up a shift of yours if at all possible, or bake you cookies out of gratitude. Or both.

Thank you!

Today we are starting to move the journals out of Room 208. We are starting with the Zs and working toward A. All of the unbound and bound volumes for the title will be found on level B or S when the shift is complete. At the end of today, I would guess that TP600 to Z will be moved out of Room 208.

As you are putting trucks together to shelve and then shelving if you have any questions on where to find an item, please ask.


Shift This Friday

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Hey guys,

I'm going out of town this weekend for a family trip and really need my 3-6 shift this Friday taken if someone can switch for it! I have a flight that morning so let me know if you can take my shift! I posted it on when to work and I'm up for trading for another shift.


Hey, I am looking for someone to work for me next Saturday the 14th, from 3-9!!! I'm in the gradual process of moving home for the summer, since that is what graduates do these days...and this is the only weekend my Dad can come up to help me with some of my bigger things. Let me know or grab it off the tradeboard!!!!


I'm looking to get out of town a little early for Easter and this shift is the only thing standing in my way! The shift consists of 2 hours of B-Desk, 1 hour of 2nd desk, 45 minutes of pickup B and a 15 minute break. It can be picked up on whentowork.



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