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2nd Floor Lights

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cherry picker.jpgThere will be electricians working on the large lights on the 2nd floor for the next 2 weeks. They will be using a mechanical lift to reach the lights. If a patron comes to the desk, needing a book which is blocked by the lift, follow these procedures:

1. Contact a supervisor or another available staff member.
2. This staff member will go into the room and get the electricians' attention.
3. If the electrician can stop and move the lift right away the staff member should quickly grab the book.
4. If the electrician cannot stop immediately, they will stop at their next point and notify the desk staff that they have moved so a staff person can grab the book (typically within 1 hour).

Another option would be to submit a Get-It request for the item which is temporarily unavailable. For faculty/staff suggest the office delivery option so they do not need to return to the library to pick up the item.

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