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Super Gate Count Bros.

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Sorry Mario, your princess is in another castle!

But while you are here, if you could record how many people pass through this green tube ever hour, maybe we will make sure Bowser doesn't throw too many fireballs your way.
(Jun 1st-7th)


Today you will notice a new slip for Pick Up. With the Journal Shifting project complete and journals no longer in Room 208 some edits have been made to the Pick Up Slip.

There is now only one slip that will be used all the time. Currently when you are assigned to Pick Up both 2nd Floor and Basement levels it will be much easier with just one slip to deal with. If you are assigned to just Pick Up 2 or just Pick Up B,S,F you will only fill out the needed information and leave the rest blank. There is no need to write a zero or dash in the space when you don't find any items for that section or are not assigned to pick up on that area.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Saturday Shift

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Hey guys,

I am trying to take a trip to Madison this weekend if anyone can cover my saturday shift! It's entirely desk duty and it is not usually very busy.

Also, I am actually looking to drop this shift permanently if anyone is looking for more hours! My schedule has gotten pretty packed lately and I could use one more day off. Thanks!


Great job on all the shelving all year. Below is a graph that charts out the shelving from July 20111 to present. Thank you for all your hard work all year long.

Journals 3716
208 items 4395
Books 15913
Reference 776
Pick Up 4601
Popular Reading 171
Thesis 85

Shelving 2011.12.png


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Because I will not be here the week of the 4th, i decided to bring 4th of July treats today. there are homemade cupcakes at the basement desk for everyone here today. Pass it around!!!


Please log on to CybraryN when you log the computers on in the morning and leave it logged on even when you leave that station. If you arrive at a computer that is not logged on yet, please do so. We do not want patrons to have to wait for the program to start given that it often can take many minutes.

Thank you!

Journal Update

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The journal shifting project has finished. Today we are posting the printed end stack cards. Now all the journals are located on Levels B and SB. The records in Aleph and MNCat also reflect that change. When organizing trucks to shelve all the journals, bound and unbound can be placed on one truck. Also all the journals can be kept on the shelves behind the hold shelf. We do not need to separate the bound and unbound journals.

If you have any questions, please ask.


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The problem issue with CybraryN giving users a "Wait One Minute" message and not allowing them to log on is hopefully fixed. A corrupt file was deleted that may have been causing the problem. Let me know if you have any issues over the weekend or next week.

The problem that we encountered last week with CybraryN has been fixed. There should be no problems creating guest cards now. If you have any problems, please let a supervisor know.

Check your schedules!

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Hi students,

Congrats on finishing May term! This is just a friendly reminder to all that your schedule changes this week as we transition from May Term to Summer Term. Library hours are still the same, but schedules for all of you have changed. All shifts are scheduled in When to Work, so check the site!

I hope all of you are having a splendid summer, and an exciting Summer Term!


I have a wedding that I'm a part of this coming weekend and we have the Groom's Dinner Thursday night. I would really appreciate it if someone could cover my 6pm to 9pm 2nd desk shift this Thursday, June 14th.

Thank you very much!

Currently there is a problem with creating a new guest account in CybraryN's Patron Manager. Status field data is missing. Tech support staff is working to find the missing or corrupt data.

For now, do not create any new guest accounts until this problem has been solved. We will report back to the blog when all is well.

Friday, June 15th 3-6pm

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Happy Summer!
I am just posting in hopes of getting three hours covered on Friday, June 15th. One of my best friends is graduating from grad school and having a party at her home in Milwaukee. As my car is not in the best shape, the only way I would be able to make it is if I catch a ride on that Friday. Help me to get to Milwaukee! Even if you can only take a couple of the hours, or stay a little later, that would be great! Let me know if you can help me out.

I really need someone to take my shift on Saturday, June 30th. The shift is from 10:45-6:00 and its all desk time, super easy. I have an event that I need to go to, and it is absolutely crucial I get this shift covered. I am able to take shifts on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Sunday this summer, and I would of course be happy to swap!




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