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Changes in Shelving: Please Read

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Hi all,
As you might notice, there have been some changes to the pre-shelving area behind Basement Circ. The periodical shelving has been moved from the wood shelves adjacent to the hold shelf to the metal shelves behind the book pre-shelve area. So if you remember where the recent (206) periodicals were shelved, that is now where we will be placing all periodicals that are returned or come in the mail.

The difference now is that the periodicals will be divided between bound and unbound. The bound items are to the left and will be shelved by you, the student staff much as it has been. The unbound periodicals are to be shelved to the right, in the boxes labeled with their respective call numbers. Please place the unbound periodicals in the first available (read: left) box, appropriate to call number. These will not be shelved by you any longer, as they will be be Tim's duty from now on.

If you have any questions, please as Tim, Amy, or Priscilla.

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