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There is a new Libraries-wide system for covering unexpected weekend absences at work.

Any student worker - this means YOU - who has to call in sick for your weekend shift is now required to call the designated Wilson Library number at 612-626-2054. Scheduling coverage will be handled through Wilson Library. Staff at Wilson Library will reassign staff to cover your absence.

This should be noted, this is for sudden or urgent absences only. The standard expectation is you will find coverage for your shift if you know in advance you will be unable to work.


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Hi students,

I just wanted to remind everybody that we do not lend out headphones or ANY item (books. periodicals, videos) to someone that does not have a valid UCard. Whether they have let their registration lapse or otherwise, never let someone take an item out if they do not have a valid Ucard.

In conclusion, we do NOT lend out items--even headphones--to people even if they offer a Driver's License or ID as collateral.


Register to Vote

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The University Libraries are providing Voter Registration Applications to the campus community at service desks throughout the library system till October 16th, the last day you can register early.

In Walter the applications are at the 2nd Floor Desk and on a table near the Basement Desk.

Further information can be found HERE!

Hourly Gate Counts!

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Hi Circ Staff!

This week is one of those special weeks I know you all have been waiting for. It is HOURLY GATE COUNT WEEK! For those of you that are new, every few times a semester, we take the gate count numbers every hour in order to determine traffic for staffing/budgeting/etc. The gates (those things that beep when someone tries to steal a book) keep track of the number of people that come in and out of the library, so at the top of every hour, I will have you RECORD the numbers located about knee-level on the gates. At the 2nd floor there are two numbers that need to be recorded, one on the top of each stairs, and at the Basement desk, I will you need you to record the number after the letter "P" (NOT "A").

Thanks so much for your cooperation, and ask me or a manager if you have any questions.


Tim Out Friday, 21st

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Hello night workers!

I, Tim, will be out this Friday, and as I have mentioned to those working, your responsibility is to close the library without me. I have confidence all will go smoothly. For those Saturday workers, I will be in before you on Saturday as well.

Good day,

During the week of September 17, 2012, the Libraries Information Technology (IT) department along with the Office of Information Technology (OIT) will continue their work transferring the management of the public printing software and print release stations over to OIT. Public printing will be unavailable at these locations during the week.

- Wilson Library: sporadic unavailability beginning Monday, September 17 and into Tuesday, September 18, 2012

- Walter library: unavailability Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - Refer students to the Computer Lab in Rm. 103 Walter

- Magrath Library: unavailability Thursday, September 20, 2012

- Music Library: unavailability Thursday, September 20, 2012

During the outages, please direct students to other libraries or computer labs in your area for printing.

- Amy Boemer

Peer tutoring is available at Walter, Wilson and Magrath Libraries.

Walk-In Hours are Available:

--No appointment necessary.
--Unless otherwise noted, all shifts posted recur on a weekly basis while classes are in session.
--Call 612-625-6508 or email if a consultant is not present as scheduled.

For a current tutoring schedule at Walter Library, click HERE!

Hey folks! Want to help a guy out? Also want to make a couple bucks? Then listen up!

I do volunteer work at the Raptor Center in St. Paul on Saturdays, feeding eagles and falcons and such. Unfortunately, they are holding a mandatory, formalized training session tomorrow at 6 PM...right smack in the middle of my mail shift! I need to duck out at 5, so I can catch the connector and get there in time.

I consulted with my supervisor about this, and it seems that yes, I do need to attend this in order to continue my volunteer work on Saturdays. So, I hate that this is short notice, but if someone would want to come in for a couple hours, and take on the mail, that'd be awesome. I'll even work with you to do a trade, so you could get out of your weekend shift earlier(!) if you wanted to.

Let me know what works! And thanks if you can do it!


Mobile Web Site: Locating open public computers

Ever wonder if there is an open public computer available at Wilson, Walter, or Magrath? Well, students may wonder and now they can find out if the Libraries have any open public computers on the mobile web site.

Check it out here!

October 6th Saturday Shift

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People of Walter Library,

I have a friend visiting October 4th-7th and was wondering if any of you would be able to cover my Saturday shift from 9:45am-4pm on the 6th. Being the wonderful people that you all are, I am sure one of you would love to take it. You even get to shelve and work the 2nd desk. Let me know, I posted the hours on the trade board.



Friday Shift

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Hey all!

This Friday my mom is having a dinner party at Coffman for my 21st birthday! Unfortunately though the dinner is scheduled for 6-9 and I work 5-9 that day. If anyone could cover that shift for me I would really appreciate it. Feel free to let me know if you need a future shift covered and I'd be glad to make a swap! The shift is posted on when to work.

Kevin Blackburn


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